10 things that you should look for when choosing a stroller for your baby

10 things that you should look for when choosing a stroller for your baby


Buying a stroller is a challenge for most young parents. Some even compare it to buying a car. Each manufacturer offers something different. Foam wheels, adjustable handlebar, suspension, folding. There's a huge number of various models, so making the right choice isn't easy. Take a look at a few tips, which will make it easier to pick a stroller that will serve you and your baby. What are the things you should check?

While watching various models of prams, compare their weight. This is important, especially when you live in a block with no elevator and you'll have to carry the trolley every time down/up, and you have a lot of steps to overcome. The average weight of a stroller ranges from 10, up to 25 kg, but remember – it will be heavier with your kid and other stuff.

Should be comfortable, spacious and provide a good coverage for the kid. This is very important, especially when you plan to stroll during autumn and winter season. The child is then much more layers of clothes.

Check if the canopy provides a good amount of privacy for your kid. It should also provide good air circulation – it is especially important during hot summer days.

Good advice: Be sure to check the width of the elevator, the doors and the trunk in the car, to choose a stroller that will fit without a problem.

The bottom should be flat and stable. Adjustability will be a big advantage. Some models of strollers have a special system of ventilation, so that the bottom of the cart breathes fresh air, but your kid doesn't get cold.

My husband was going to often walk with ou son, therefore, choosing a stroller, we were looking for one with an adjustable handle. This allows everyone to easily adjust the height of the handles to their height – this is a great convenience. Handlebar should be made of material that does not react to big differences in temperature. Leather or padded foam will do the best.

Good advice: check whether the selected model has the ability to change the position of the handle. When a strong wind or cutting rain catches you on the go, you will be able to quickly pull the handle. Thanks to this, the little one will be riding backwards, protected from the weather conditions.

The choice really depends on your needs and on what grounds are you going to stroll most often. A small, foam and swivel wheels for the city, where there are plenty of smooth sidewalks. Such stroller will be a lot easier to maneuver, not only in cities but also in a small store. Large inflatable wheels are a good solution, when you live out of town, and the main area for walking are sandy, often uneven road. Yes, there are heavier than foam, however it still will be easier for you to get through a rough terrain and they will help you to overcome small obstacles such as curbs or bumpy sidewalks.

Good advice: It is worth to ask the vendor whether the wheels can be removed. This is especially important when you have a car with a small luggage compartment and every inch counts. Besides, make it easier for you to the clean them.

Must be reliable. Check them carefully while picking the stroller, safety first. The brake switch may be located somewhere around the wheels or on the handlebar.

Good advice: You can very easily check whether the brakes are fine. Try using the break on a slight slope, the stroller should not move even a bit.

If you still don't know what stroller you should buy, you can search for some online reviews. I can recommend you babygeartested.com website, where you can find a lot of useful advices about choosing the best stroller.

It is worth to check the size of the baster, if it's easily accessible and whether it is made of durable material. Check if it will fit all the necessary stuff like diapers or some other things like a blanket or snacks and it will be easy to access them.

From my own experience I know that the larger, the better;) Returning from a stroll with my son I was able to do a little shopping, without having to carry additional bags. It's really a big convenience for every young mom.

Good advice: Storage basket should be removable, so you can wash it every once in a while. If it is fixed, it will be very hard to keep it clean.

You can find all kinds of accessories in stores for the stroller. Some are essential, some are just optional. It happens that some producers include them with the stroller, but unfortunately, this often means a higher price tag.

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