Relationships and dating are hard no matter what the age. It seems that the younger generation struggles with meeting people and starting something with a new person.

When we watch TV and movies we often get a certain idea in our minds about how dating and relationships should be. Everyone wants to bump into their future love and fall deeply and madly in love with them, much like we see in the movies. Unfortunately, it isn't quite that easy.

Which takes me to the topic of chivalry. Is chivalry actually dead or did everyone stop putting effort into meeting people and into their relationships?

Social media and dating apps are both a common pattern for many young people. Both are a great way to meet and interact with new people. The issue behind both though is that we've lost touch with our manners because we communicate through our phones rather than face to face. It's easy to be confident and talk to people while texting or through an app and doesn't take much thought or effort.

With guys and girls, I think they have forgotten some basic manners. Which isn't their fault, we are all so used to being behind our screen that we forget the little things. For guys, holding a door open for a girl can make her whole night. Even opening the car door for her. Trust me, those little things will go a long way. Stop acting interested in a girl just because you want a "hookup" from her. Those "hookups" in our generation is part of the reason why chivalry is fading. We stopped trying and started doing the bare minimum when it comes to a nice simple date.

From a female perspective, I think many girls go in with a certain perceived notion about how a guy is going to be before they really get to know them. If you are out at a bar and a guy wants to buy you a drink and exchange numbers, let him. He's taking the time to approach you and a get that drink for you because he's interested. It might not be a huge gesture from a guy, but at least he is taking the time to get to know you. He's making the effort to get to know you IN PERSON. Not through a phone screen, he is being polite. It goes both ways, as a girl approach a guy in person. Be confident, you have nothing to lose.

What I am ultimately trying to get at is we ALL need to learn better manners.

Stop hiding behind your phones and start making an effort. The best start to any relationship is communication. The better the communication, the better our manners will all be.

Start putting in an effort to the things you want from the person you are interested in. If you want them to open the door for you, ask them. If you want to split the check, mention it. By no means do I think chivalry is dead, I just think we all need to try harder. Don't hide behind the apps on your phones, go on dates, have fun and be young.