Chipotle, I'mma Let You Finish, But Moe's Has The Best Queso Of ALL TIME

Chipotle, I'mma Let You Finish, But Moe's Has The Best Queso Of ALL TIME

Moes will always be better than Chipotle; now we have another reason why.

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It is time to settle this once and for all.

For as long as I can remember, the feud between Chipotle and Moes has been a long and bloody one. It has torn families apart, ended friendships, created awkward silence at dates, and divided campuses. At Virginia Tech, there is a Chipotle and Moes a stone's throw away from each other. The intersection in between acts as a battleground, a fast food war trench.

Personally, my loyalty and devotion have always been to Moes. Not only does Moes have better veggie options and excellently seasoned tofu (that doesn't taste like the box it came in), but it has fucking queso. Queso is my ultimate cheat meal, which compliments my tofu or chicken Junior burrito and hot salsa flawlessly. Now, I do agree that Chipotle has better chips (let's not forget the chorizo), but I don't want a side of E.Coli with my broke, overpriced burrito. However, as i scrolled through my news, I was shocked to see that Chipotle was finally formulating the perfect queso, and that someone from the Washington Post dedicated an entire article to it. I had to investigate; I had to step into enemy territory and flirt with the enemy.

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After I survived the seat rush line at Chipotle and made to home base, I sampled the "it" product of the moment. The only thing I can say is..."eh."

Chipotle prides themselves in natural and flavorful ingredients that will explode in your mouth, but I didn't feel that sensation. Or at least, not the sensation I feel when I'm at Moes, munching hard on a queso and chicken burrito. Chipotle's queso would equate to what you get in the glass Frito's can that you buy when you are broke or stoned, or both.

0/10, would not recommend.

I appreciate the effort that Chipotle put in, trying to invent a queso that would outshine the enemy. However, my heart and loyalty will always be pledged to Moes, regardless of queso.

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