My questions are simple, but can be hard to answer because we either do not want to hear the truth or we cannot explain why.

My first question might make you think of an answer that could be hard to swallow. "Why act hateful toward children that are religiously, culturally, and/or racially different?" Some push this to the side and act like this does not happen, but it does. We will never come to an agreement, but why treat a child so cruel? It does not solve one thing. The only thing it does create is hate in their heart and believe what every other person believes in.

All children are looking for is someone to love them and care about them. I have a heart for children and when I hear a cruel comment from someone about a child because they’re different it makes me so mad. If a child were to hear how hated they were by someone, their heart would shatter like a chandelier and the child would only wonder why. What have they done to hear such harsh words from someone they may or may not know?

A child should never have to hear cruel words from someone they may look up too.

Love is blind to the differences when people love one another. Just because a child is different does not mean you have treat them differently.

My second question is: "Why pull children into the hate and not teach them love?" People today I believe are so corrupted by the things of this world that they exempt teaching love to children. Only to teach them that things lead to love and happiness. People also teach if you are not of a certain status that it is strange and unnatural.

Last question. "Why are children having to teach us how to love and not the other way around?" Because a child's heart is so pure and innocent that they overlook the evil there is in the world. You cannot judge one person’s acts because of what others have done.

My only prayer is that the next generation of children will teach and spread more love than hate. Because if not love will only exist with God and in a child's heart.