To The House I Grew Up In

To The House I Grew Up In

Taking time off of my busy schedule to reflect on my childhood home.

Hello everyone! It is good to be back writing again this week. I love thinking of new topics to write about and lately, I've been thinking about my hometown a lot because so many things have been going on there these past few weeks. The gorilla situation and the woman hitting #1 most trending story on Twitter, only the people from my hometown will understand this so shoutout to my Corsicana people! Haha.

Today I am going to talk about my house on Crestmont, and reflect on all the good times I've had throughout the years. Sit back, relax, and welcome to my past. Hopefully, while you're reading this, you too can relate yourself to your childhood home.

Hey old home, I hope you still look good. I hope the background still smells like fresh air and I hope that pool is still in great shape. I hope the tree stump that I always trip on is still there and I hope those two tall trees are still standing in the front yard. I would just like you to know how detailed you're painted in my memory and just how much of an impact you've had on my life. You are a piece of me and I will always remember you!

Some of my favorite and earliest memories of you are the happiest times I've ever had. Swimming for hours on end, running to the swing set in the very back of the backyard after school on a hot, sunny day, taking naps on the floor in the dining room in front of the open window under the natural sunlight, the list goes on.

I had some of the best birthday parties with you as the host, too. Holidays were never a bore either. So many walks of life have gotten to meet you throughout the years and throughout those years, you were there to see just how much everything was changing.

As a child growing up to be a teenager, you saw my most awkward, uncomfortable years more than anything else. You were there from all the times I came home crying because my feelings got hurt over something stupid, to the countless amounts of times I complained about my feet hurting after a volleyball game. You never missed a thing.

So I have one last thing to say to you as I close this letter, thank you. Thank you for being my safe haven when I was a child and thank you for being my ultimate happy place. I no longer miss you at all, but I am grateful for the memories that were made with you. I am eternally pleased with how everything turned out and with where I am now with your help. Leaving you was hard, but I wouldn't have wanted it in any other way.

Altogether, you were always there--stable. When everything was moving, you stayed still and waited for me to come back. That is what is so cool about a home. When everything in life is starting to feel fast, hectic, and never-ending, your home will always be your backbone. No matter how long you've lived in it or even if you move frequently, a home is a home.

Thank you for tuning into this letter, and I hope this got you thinking about your childhood home and your memories that you've made. It is nice to reflect on the past every once in awhile because that is what has shaped you into who you are today! I have been doing so well in college and I thought I'd give this article idea a try.

I am starting to become proud of the person that I molding into and I thought taking a break from studying to reflect on my past would be a neat idea!

I hope you have an amazing week and thank you so much for reading.


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