I am not alone in saying that "Pokémon Go" has made my childhood dreams come true. I remember being in second grade, wishing that somehow Pokémon would become real and my best friends and I could go everywhere catching them all. While the new app is only a virtual reality, it is the closest I will come to seeing Pokémon on my street. What is even more amazing about this game is how it is bringing people together and forcing people to see the world around them.

As a kid, I kept my Pokémon love on the down-low. I refused to buy the games for my Game Boy and had to settle with borrowing my cousin's games when I saw them once a year. I watched the show after school, but did not want to be associated with it because I was worried I would be made fun of. In hindsight this was very shallow of me, but I was 7 years old and just wanted to have friends. Now, however, is a different story. My best friends and I have driven around the state trying to catch Pokémon. It went from being a guilty pleasure to a way for my friends and I to hang out. I think this has a lot to do with the timing of the game's release. Now that we are all (kind of) adults it is fun for us to relive the nerdy parts of our childhood and bond over the love an awesome show/game.

Also "Pokémon Go" has given us something new to do. Rather than hang out at home or go to the same few spots, we drive to new places and see new things in order to catch more Pokémon. The game has brought me to places I have never gone in my hometown while looking for Pokéstops. I have also noticed building, artwork and other monuments that I had never paid attention to before thanks to the virtual reality of this game.

Overall, I would say that "Pokémon Go" is a great game. Not only has it brought a fond childhood memory to life, but it has improved that memory by bringing fantasy and reality together.