10 Themed Snacks For Your 2020 Super Bowl Viewing Party

10 Themed Snacks For Your 2020 Super Bowl Viewing Party

No matter which team you're rooting for, these snacks are sure to be a touchdown with your group!

Paige Ryan

If you live in the United States, you know that Super Bowl Sunday is basically a holiday. Grocery and liquor store shelves are cleaned out before the start of the weekend. Many people get together with family and friends in order to watch the game, hang out, play games, and snack. Even if your team isn't in the game (or if you just don't even care about the sport), it's a social event and an excuse to party.

So no matter if you're here for the love of the sport, to support your team, for the commercials, the halftime concert, or just the food; here's some themed snacks for you and your team!

1. Chocolate-covered strawberry footballs.


For the sweet tooth in the group, these chocolate covered strawberries designed like little footballs are a fun treat!

2. Spinach artichoke dip served in a football bread bowl.


Make your favorite dip and serve it in this simple-to-make bread bowl that is made with Pillsbury crescent roll dough.

3. Bite-sized pizzas shaped like footballs.


Instead of waiting over an hour for a delivery pizza, make these delicious mini pizzas for your crowd. You can really use any toppings you like!

4. Football field layered bean dip. 

Creative Juice

A tried and true party classic, this bean dip gets its green color from guacamole. Extra, please!

5. Kansas City barbecue ribs.


If you're rooting for the Chiefs this year, try making Kansas City barbecue ribs or chicken.

6. A San Francisco inspired seafood dish!


An iconic food in San Fran is cioppino, a stew teeming with fresh seafood. However, if you want to avoid any spills when the game gets intense, try another seafood dish, like fish tacos.

7. Beef and potato empanadas.


This year, Shakira is one of the headliners for the halftime show. Make these Colombian-inspired empanadas, stuffed with beef and potato. They're delicious and can also be decorated to look like mini footballs!

8. Crispy, salted tostones (fried plantains).


The other headliner for the halftime show in 2020 is J.Lo. A common Puerto Rican snack, these delicious fried plantains (called tostones) are tasty.

9. Team colors puppy chow (Chex muddie buddies).


The Kansas City Chiefs' team colors are red and gold; while the San Francisco 49ers' team colors are... well, scarlet and gold. With such similar colors, it might be hard to know which team this bowl is for, but this delicious snack is popular with all ages!

10. Team colors Jello shots.


Colorful Jello shots are a great addition to any party! These team color shots are perfect for this year's Super Bowl, no matter whether you're rooting for the Chiefs, 49ers, or you just don't care at all.

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