Chick-Fil-A is arguably one of the best fast-casual restaurants in the industry.

From their cheery "My pleasure" to the incredible Christian atmosphere, Chick is the perfect food stop for many occasions.

Here are just 44 instances in which it's appropriate to go to Chick-Fil-A:

1. Before an exam.

2. After an exam.

3. While you're studying for an exam.

4. When you're avoiding studying for an exam.

5. If you're all alone and need food.

6. You and your friends are hungry.

7. A safe place for a first date...

8. ... And a good place for a 14739849th date.

9. For breakfast,

10. Lunch,

11. Also dinner,

12. Heck, why not an afternoon snack?

13. Before class (it might make you late, but who cares?)

14. Any instance in which you're asked "where should we eat?"

15. Even if it's not a logical answer to the question, the answer is "Chick." (i.e. "How are you today?" "We should go to Chick!")

16. When you don't know what else to do with your day (i.e. "I'm bored... we should go to Chick!"

17. In the event that sweet tea is the only remedy to a bad day.

18. If your stock of Chick-Fil-A sauce is running low.

19. Before a basketball game,

20. Also after a basketball game.

21. So you can walk into class with Chick breakfast and be the envy of everyone.

22. If bae is mad at you and you need a peace offering.

23. After you've finished a paper and need a pick-me-up.

24. During Finals Week when you need something other than pizza and coffee.

25. On Monday morning after you've been deprived on Sunday.

26. On Saturday night before you're deprived on Sunday.

27. When it's free chicken sandwich day... make sure you dress up as a cow!

28. After you finish reading this article.

29. When you feel like making a pointless drive on a Sunday... let's be real here, there's no drive that's more disappointing than to Chick on a Sunday.

30. If you haven't been in the last week.

31. After getting off a plane after a long flight.

32. When you are in desperate need of waffle fries...

33. Or a milkshake...

34. Or a seriously awesome chicken sandwich...

35. Or all of the above.

36. Ring by Spring = Chick-Fil-Bae.

37. After a bad day as a pick-me-up.

38. After a great day as a celebration.

39. When you find out someone is a Chick virgin and you need to help them.

40. Any time you just really need to hear "my pleasure."

41. Always because they're the Lord's calories and they don't count.

42. Any time you need drugs because there's no way the food isn't laced with something.

43. When you need to go somewhere you don't have to think about your order ("I'll have a number 1 meal, no pickles, and a sweet tea.")

44. Literally, all the time because Chick-Fil-A is life!