The purpose of life is unknown to everyone.

No one got a reader's manual when entering into the world. All we know for certain is that tomorrow was never promised to us.

We try and live every day as if it is our last, but the human mind tells us that we shouldn't do this alone. This is when we begin to make relationships with people. We do not only have to have one relationship, but we can also have as many as we want!

But there always is that one person who is different from the rest, and this is the person you want to keep in your life forever.

You start to learn more and more about one another every passing day. You wish that time would just stand still each moment you are together because a minute with that person is better than no minute at all.

Suddenly, without any warning, you are in love.

We could go on and on about how great it is to be in love, but no one really talks about what it's like to lose someone you love. You never stopped loving this person, but you can no longer say that you are in love with them.

At first, it is very difficult for yourself to accept this, and the realization that they really are gone turns your stomach inside out. But luckily, God knew we would experience this feeling and gave us the ability to have and create memories.

The memories that were created with this person will never get erased. The emotions that you felt at that exact moment in time will forever be attached to that memory.

We are given this capability to go back in time and relive moments of our lives so it may temporarily distract us from the hectic events we are going through right now.

When you think about it though, we are making new memories every single day, and sometimes the memories that we thought were incapable of getting any better are being replaced by even happier moments than we have experienced.

With that being said, when the person you shared most of your life with is no longer around to make memories with you, that does not mean you must stop creating your own happy memories.

Yes, the human mind might try and tell you that you shouldn't be doing this alone, but the one you loved and loved you the most is telling you that you can.

Relationships were not meant to last forever, no matter how much you wish they did, and tomorrow was never promised to us.

We must live every day as if it is our last, because nothing last forever....except for our memories.