There is a common saying that if you've been friends with someone for seven years, then you will remain friends with them for life. As a teenager, seven years is a big portion of one's life and the people I have been lucky enough to spend that time with have definitely changed my life for the better.

Some of my closest friends today are people who I have known since I was 5 years old. Being able to grow up with someone creates a really special bond. My friends and I knew each other before life had happened to us. We became friends because of who we truly are, not because of social standards or circumstances. We then had the chance to grow up together. We literally learned how to read and write side by side. More importantly we gained life experience together. We played with each other on the playground and drew pictures for each other if one of us was having a bad day. Our initial friendship was innocent and true.

As time went on, we began to grow in our own different ways. We made new friends and quit Girl Scouts to pursue different sports and activities from one another. This is when our friendships became more exciting because we were becoming our own people. We still had a lot in common, but we were spreading our wings. Even though we were becoming more independent, our friendships grew stronger because we all knew so much about each other and found comfort in the fact that despite our differences we still understood each other.

As high school came around, my friends and I were split between different schools. Although it is hard to stay as close to someone when you don't see them everyday, my life long friends and I managed to do it. We were able to give each other unbiased advice on school drama and it was always nice to talk to someone who truly knew you best. I realized that my friends knew me before I even knew who I was. Even though we were separated now, they were still the people I wanted to share my life with.

The same holds true now that I am in college. My friends and I have more different lives than ever, but still when we hang out it is like nothing has ever changed. We have a friendship that is 12 years strong and no distance or difference in the world could weaken that.