Dear Life, How Are You?

Dear Life, How Are You?

I pen life a letter showing my concern and offering my advice.

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Dear Life,

How are you? You doing OK? I just wanted to check in with you and make sure you were doing ok? You have been a little off lately and I am a bit concerned? Did you have a fight with karma? Did karma do something to hurt you lately? Or did Karma not serve dinner hot one night? Well, I know you can over come what ever is going on! Or at least turn your attention to a new project? Maybe, go out on a hot date? Cook a grill cheese sandwich? You could even watch paint dry! Just know that life will get better this is just a phase.

But, maybe to help this situation a little bit; would you like some advice? No? Well, too bad! You are going to get some anyway! Try to relax! Dealing with people like myself can be extremely difficult and may make you want to punch small creatures in the face. I get it I can be difficult to deal with. So, maybe get a massage, take up some meditation, or just pause for a moment and breathe! Maybe allow people to help you every once and a while. Asking for help, even though this can be difficult, may need to happen. The amount of work that you have to do on a daily basis would overwhelm everyone! So, tell your ego to go away and ask for some help!

Life, you beautiful creature you, please take care of yourself! There is only one of you and that makes you my favorite life of all!

Take Care!

Your Friend,


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