10 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm For Fall

10 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm For Fall

Pro tip: You can never use too much twine for this season.

If you’re a festive person like me, and enjoy making your dorm room homey and decorated for the holidays throughout the year, here’s what you need to see…. Especially if you’re ballin’ on a budget as most of us college students are. Without having pumpkins rot and candy bowls scattered throughout the room, simple ways to decorate for the fall holidays are as follows.

Pro tip: you can never use too much twine for this season. It is a necessity to own twine during this time of year because of the unique touch it adds. Happy decorating!

1. Painted Pumpkins With Fall Messages

Supplies: plastic mini pumpkins, metallic markers, and chalk paint.

2. Candy (Corn) Jar

Supplies: paint, fall ribbon, flower pot from dollar store with plant saucer, and wooden knob.

3. Candy Corn Centerpiece

Supplies: wine bottles (without labels) and spray paint (yellow, orange, and white).

4. Thankful Jar

Supplies: jar, burlap or ribbon, and paint or permanent marker.

5. Leaf Canvas

Supplies: canvas (your choice of size), leaves (you’ll probably want fake so they last overtime), hot glue, and paint.

6. Fall Jars

Supplies: Jars (4), paint (can all be one color, or 4 different colors, but don’t forget the color for the lettering!), burlap, stencil letters, twine, and fake flowers or leaves to put in the jars.

7. Corn Candle

Supplies: tall glass jar, corn kernels, candle, and twine.

8. “Give Thanks” Photo Frame

Supplies: a photo frame, scrapbook sized tags, scrapbook sticker letters, twine, mini clothespins, and hot glue.

9. Stick Letters

Supplies: a cardboard cutout of the letter you’d like, hot glue, and sticks from the good ole outdoors.

10. Thankful Banner

Supplies: burlap banner, twine, and marker or paint.

Happy fall, y’all!

Cover Image Credit: Michaels Stores // Instagram

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