6 Fun Things To Do This Summer That Won't Break The Bank

6 Fun Things To Do This Summer That Won't Break The Bank

Last semester left you broke. How will you have fun this summer without going broke?


As a college student, coming home for the summer my goal is to have fun, see high school friends, and make enough money to last me through the upcoming school year. Having money to spend at college means saving now, which can be hard when your friends want to do things to break up the insane amounts of free time you have now that classes are over.

1. Take long hikes or bike rides with a group of friends.

Hiking and biking don't require large sums of money, especially if you already own a bike. Find some trails or routes near your house that you love, bring some snacks and a speaker and have some fun outdoors while getting in your steps/cardio for the day!

2. Take day trips to the beach.

As a New Jersey resident, I live an hour from some pretty great beaches that don't charge you to spend the day there. Carpooling with a few friends will cut down the amount you spend on gas, so getting a tan and enjoying the beautiful summer temps won't leave you broke!

3. Get a library card.

I know some people are going to roll their eyes at this one, but for all my fellow bookworms out there, this is going to save you from boredom. Most public/town libraries don't charge a fee for a library card, so you can check out as many books as you want with no cost! Pick out some novels to read by the pool, grab a book on a topic you always wanted to learn more about, or even borrow movie discs if you don't want to pay for Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime!

4. Go fresh fruit picking.

If you live near a farm, strawberries are at their peak in April through June. In most places, you only buy what you pick, so you can control how much you are spending. It's a fun activity, and then you can use the fruit to make pies, desserts, or fresh smoothies when you get home!

5. Master a new skill or hobby.

Everyone has that one thing they would love to learn if they only "had more time." Why postpone it any longer? Summer time for college students means ample free time, and a decent amount of boredom. Pick up that guitar, buy/borrow a cookbook, invest in some knitting needles, whatever it is that you want to do. By the end of the summer, you're guaranteed to be an expert!

6. Write for Odyssey!

This is a shameless promo, but it's so worth it! It's so easy to join an Odyssey community, and it's a great platform to write about things you love! It's a great way to share your summer adventures with your friends, family, and the world. I highly recommend it!

Though it may seem impossible to find fun summer activities without a massive price tag attached, it's totally possible, and you can have fun doing it! These are only 6 options, but there are so many more out there- you just need to find them!

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