So I know we've all been here one time or another. Perhaps you want to show your boo how much you love them, maybe you want to surprise them with a cute gift, or maybe you just want to take them on a cute little date to show them you love them. We tell our significant lovers we love them here and there but it's important to do the little things and shows that you care too. A forehead kiss here and there, some flowers, some chocolate, or even a night in with a rented movie!

If you're like me, you've definitely sat there contemplating what to do or what to get. What if he/she doesn't like it? What if it doesn't go well? Is this stupid? Should I do this instead? And to be honest, I'm a broke college student so while I want to spoil my boo here and there, I have to be smart about it.

I feel like the most classic type of date is when couples go out to dinner every now and then. You both dress up a little and head on out to a nice restaurant and eat to your heart's content. Be real though, we can't always be splurging on $40-50 meals whenever we feel like surprising our boyfriends or girlfriends.

Enjoy some of these cute (and cheap) date ideas that have worked out incredibly for me.

1. Surprise picnic.

I love this idea because there are so many directions you can take this in. There are so many places you could do this at and that is the best part. Maybe a surprise picnic at the beach during sunset. Not close to the beach? Easy peasy, do it at a park! Go during the day when the weather's nice and warm or go during sunset! Don't feel like driving? Easy, do it in your backyard or on your balcony. Order some take-out and play some music or even a movie! Order a pizza, cook some mac and cheese, or even get a fruit bowl or two! It doesn't matter whether you order food or go all out and cook, the effort is there and I promise you your significant other will notice!

2. Make them a small basket of goodies.

Pay extra attention to this little tip ladies and gentlemen... THE DOLLAR STORE. I really can't stress this enough. The dollar store has so much to offer and I feel like no one ever gives it the time of day. Head on over and pick out a cute little colorful basket for you special boo and then head on over to the candy and load it on up. Maybe some sour patch watermelon, some Twizzlers, or even tootsie rolls. Your candy and snack options are endless. Maybe even add in a little refreshing beverage. Easiest ten bucks you might have ever spent: one basket, one drink, and 8 bags of candy. Can I say... heaven?

3. "Netflix and Chill."

You probably read this and felt that this list went downhill real fast. I meant this in the cute and loving way rather than the you know what way. But honestly, Netflix and chill is a great way to relax with you boo. Make the bed, grab some snacks (at the Dollar Store maybe), light some candles, turn the lights off, and cuddle with your baby!

4. Paint.

Here me out on this, I know not everyone is an artist and this might get frustrating real quick but I promise it's fun. Head to your local Walmart and pick up some canvases! I'm sure most people would head to Target or Michaels but I promise you, Walmart is where it's at! You can get a nice deal there for much cheaper than Target or Michaels. You can get two large canvases for about $8 and then pick up some acrylic paints, most of which run for under $1, about 50 cents or so. As for paint brushes, these are relatively cheap all around so any store should be good! When I did this, we made it fun by making it a competition. We chose a picture we wanted to paint and then we saw who could do it better! However, you could by a bunch of canvasses and paint away!

5. Bake Goodies!

Okay honestly though, who doesn't love a good chocolate sesh? Am I right, or am I right? Go to Publix, Target, or Walmart and buy a box of cookie mix or cake mix and spend the night in! Play a movie in the background or some music and bake away! Even if you don't eat them, give them to some friends or coworkers! I love baking because sometimes I'll mess up or my boyfriend will mess up and it creates some good laughs and some good memories. It becomes even more fun when you try to decorate your cookies or your cake! Plop some icing on your boyfriend/girlfriend's nose or throw some sprinkles!

6. Go rollerblading or biking.

If you both have rollerblades, I suggest going around your neighborhood or even going to a park! Play some music on your phone and then blade away! And if you don't have rollerblades, try biking! I love a good bike ride, especially during sunset. In the case that you don't have a bike(s), rent one! Rates for renting bikes aren't that bad, about $10 for an hour or $25 for a couple of hours! Rates vary from place to place but I'm pretty sure they are similar!

7. Ice cream dates.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Who doesn't love a good ice cream date? Or even frozen yogurt! In my opinion, frozen yogurt is so much better because there are so many options for toppings! But also, I love getting ice cream because I love the ice cream cones! Ice cream costs maybe $10 for two, maybe a little more depending on what you get! Maybe get ice cream for lunch or get ice cream after dinner!

8. Target Runs!

I LOVE TARGET. I can't stress this enough. Target has everything. One time I went in to get protein bars and I somehow left with a blender. I really don't know how this happened but I don't regret it at all. On top of that, I have been on my fair share of Target dates. We go and we walk around and somehow manage to spend two hours or so there. You don't even have to buy anything but if you do then yay! Maybe look at some books, search through the kitchen supplies, or even better... the house decorations!

9. Go to the Flea Market.

The flea market is such a great place because you never know what you're going to find! There are so many different things that people sell there. They have toys and trinkets and so many other things! Maybe buy some cheap jewelry there! Maybe it'll turn your finger green, maybe it won't! That's half the fun! You don't even have to buy anything, looking and searching around is half the fun!

10. Play with puppies! (Or kittens)

Sign up to volunteer at the Humane Society and spend an hour (or a day) playing with puppies or kittens! If you don't want to go through the trouble of signing up, go to Petco or PetSmart or Pet whatever! I'm not sure which place lets you play with puppies but I know they exist and are out there! There's nothing like cuddling up and having some fun with some little furry babies to make your day or your week!

So there you go, ten cheap, easy dates for you and your significant other! These are some easy ways to surprise and love your boo while also staying on top of your bank account!