4 Ways To Not Buy Gifts This Christmas, But Still Have All The Fun

I come from a really large family - 6 kids and 13 grandkids. Christmas can be extremely expensive so we've tried it all. Drawing names, only getting 10$ or less gifts for the grandkids, ornament swaps, etc but Christmas really just has always broken the bank. This year my family chose to brainstorm things we could do rather than money we could spend and here's what we came up with.

1. Go see Christmas lights

A lot of times this can be completely free or free for kids and just a couple of dollars for adults. It is something fun and easy to do, even with little ones.

2. Gingerbread houses

Kits can be found at Walmart, Target, and even online. This is awesome for kids because it allows them to be creative, adults can be competitive, and everyone can enjoy a sweet treat.

3. Tie-dye

Overall, if one person is buying everything then it can get pricey. My family chose to separate per family so you only buy shirts for your family and everyone goes in on dye together. My nieces and nephews love this because it gives them something they can keep plus they can get messy if they want.

4. Making ornaments

Pinterest has so many cute DIY ornament ideas to choose from and most of them are items you can find at home or buy in bulk. This is easy, even with little ones and if you decorate your tree with homemade ornaments this is the perfect way to add on.

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