Wonder. Defined as "the quality of exciting amazed admiration."

I can't remember an exact time I lost my sense of wonder, but somehow it slipped away from me. Maybe it got lost in the whirlwind of tragic news stories filled with mass shootings, lost lives and endless acts of pointless violence. Perhaps, a constant routine for four years of high school and one year of undergrad stomped it out, convincing me there was nothing left to discover. It could be the subtle pressure to be like everyone else and accept what is, keep your head down and work until you can't anymore. Nonetheless, it managed to get away from me.

I stopped exploring. I stopped trying new things. My curiosity for the world and how it worked fell into the abyss.

No worries, I'm on a mission to refuel my sense of wonder. I'm ready to find new trails to hike, new instruments to learn and new projects to dive into. In a few days, I will be headed off to the sunny and wonder-filled summer camp that has been in my life for years. It will be my fourth year working there and the most ideal location to fill my soul with wonder.

I'll meet new staff members from all around the world. I'll get new campers each week who are filled with all sorts of personalities and experiences. Vibrant sunsets, early sunrises and a sky full of stars (without any dreaded light pollution) will fill my days. I can't wait to learn and more importantly to want to learn because of my curiosity. I'm sure my campers will learn quite a bit from me, and in return, I hope I can be inspired by their carefree, dream big, think big attitude. Wonder is easier as a kid, but being 'adult' doesn't mean I have to give it up. I refuse to forfeit the very thing that makes me tick, the thing that makes my soul smile.

I'm committed to making my summer full of new experiences, new people and new memories. Maybe I'll try rock-climbing instead of my normal craft shop job. Perhaps, I'll ask a new friend to teach me some words in their first language. It could be that I discover something completely amazing about myself or the world. The outcomes of this summer are endless, and for the first time in a long time, I'm so excited to explore the world again.

I've always loved to question the who, why and how. My comfort has always been in being outside of the box. I'm notorious for always 'doing this new thing.' Sure, those qualities can drive some people crazy, but the people who matter in my life have always accepted them even admired them. I really can't pinpoint a time where I lost my sense of wonder, but I do know I am in full force chasing after it. Wonder makes me a creator, adventurer and advocator. Wonder makes me who I am, so here's to refueling it, getting up and trying again.