I’m a writer and a reader, and I’m beginning to notice just how important characters are in a novel. The characters give a voice to the story, and show things from their perspective. It’s interesting to see them develop over time, and they are people you want to root for. You are sad when they are sad, and happy when they are. They can kill a novel if the character is unlikeable or flat. They are part of the reason why readers turn the pages to find out what happens next. Their voice is important in the plot of the book, and good characters can drive the plot farther than anything else. I’ve read more books then I’ve written at this point. There are novels I can read over and over again because I like the characters and their story. Everyone has a story, and seeing it unfold over time is better than seeing it happen all at once.

In one of my books called "Angel Witch", which is a book I’m writing right now, the main character Angeline is a worker at Kyle’s General Store. She is miserable and doesn’t want to work retail. She is half angel and half witch and will discover she has power to leave the very thing that makes her miserable. She is a character that is sassy, doesn’t take no for an answer, and has discovered her soulmate. People watch out for her since she is a special person. Another one is Scarlet who starts off as a witch and later turns into a vampire after the power of her bracelet turns her insane. She is the main character in my Scarlet Summers series, and I can’t wait to finish her journey. She has gone through a lot, and characters are what make the story.

There are some other series that have awesome characters in it like Kerrelyn Sparks first book "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire." I loved the characters called Shanna Whelan and Roman Draganesti, and their journey through the Love at Stake series. They are paranormal romances with vampires and shape shifters. There are 16 books in the series, and each one revolves around different characters. In later books you get to see some of them again since they are a part of the same world. I could reread those books over and over again since I love the story lines, and I love the characters.

Another example is the movie I can watch over and over again which is "Deadpool." I loved Wade Wilson’s character, and yes he was the anti-hero, but he was funny. He fell in love with Vanessa since they were so alike, and it was fun to see him go after the guy that turned his life upside down. I loved his humor, and even his past.

I could go on and on comparing movies, television shows, and even a ton of books with characters that stayed with me. Every character has a past, and they have a quest, or something they want in the book. It’s the thing that motivates them, and their plots bring it to life. Every story also has a theme or a lesson, and it’s important to note the characters bring it home. Without characters to populate books, movies, and television shows it doesn’t pack much of a punch unless you have a character worth rooting for.