ChangingM Behavior

Changing my behavior for one day had a strange effect of how people viewed me. Usually I am a quiet person who hides in the background, but I decided I would put on a show. Maybe I wanted to test my acting skills, maybe I only wanted to freak people out. During this day I acted like the baristas at Dutch Bros. act, sunny and talkative.

The first person to notice was my roommate, but if she hadn’t noticed I would have been concerned. When she woke up I greeted her with a smile and a cheerful “Good morning”, all she did was groan, “stop it”. What a way to start the day.

I spoke for the first time in my English class, I usually sit there taking notes and reading. When I raised my hand the professor seemed unaffected, but those who sit next to me became confused. The guy who usually sat next to me asked if I was on something and if so could he have some.

The only time of day where I have a smile plastered on my face is when I’m working. Customer service isn’t my “thing”, as soon as the customers leave my face goes back to the permanent scowl it is used to. Instead of becoming the queen of darkness I am when customers leave I kept the smile and asked my coworkers how their day went. Then proceeded to ask questions about the classes they were taking, what their majors were and so on. I was training one guy and he seemed excited to tell me about his life. The girl I normally work with stared at me like I had grown another head. She refused to answer my questions, only following them up with “what’s wrong with you”. Undeterred I continued to act like the only thing I wanted to do was make smoothies and talk to coworkers. When the shift ended I disclosed to her that I was doing an experiment, and then reassured her that I would be my usual darkness loving self next shift.

The last part of my day was discussing Game of Thrones with my suitemate. Usually I am very loud and passionate and slightly angry when it comes to our conspiracy theories surrounding this show. While our discussion slowly grew in volume I kept the smile on my face, which usually disappears when she says something I don’t agree with. That’s when she figured out something was up. She kept trying to get me to crack, because yeah that’s what cool roommates do, and I wasn’t letting her win. When I went to bed that night I told my roommates that I was doing an experiment and was acting more sunny that day.

The reactions to my changed behavior were funnier than I had anticipated. Coworkers thinking I was crazy, roommates being honestly just done with me, and classmates giving me confused stares. All in all I feel like this experiment was a success. I changed my behavior and watched the people around me react.
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