Oh, how I can happily say 2016 has come to a close. But 2017 won't be any better....unless YOU make it better. It is not about the year or the uncontrollable, it's about how hard you want to work to make your year worth it. This year I decided I would do something different. I am NOT going to have a new year resolution. My only goal for the year is to be happy, truly and honestly happy. Which leads me to ask, what is your goal or resolution?

Shawna, age 10: Learn a backbend kick over

Jade, age 17: To be successful

Tracy, age 41: Finish my master's degree

David, age 41: To run up the stairs faster

Although some of these may seem like silly resolutions to you but to the people they belong to, it is a goal to achieve this year. 2017 is a land of possibilities: a new president, returning to school, picking colleges, and learning how to really see the world.

This year, let's learn how to treat others with respect. No more blood on the street of those innocent. This is the year of change. But here is my question, will you be the change?