I've changed.

I've changed into someone that you weren't able to meet.

I've changed to not make the same mistake I once I did.

I've changed to know that I deserve better.

I no longer care to know how you are doing or what you are doing.

I no longer have time to think about what girl you're fooling now a days.

I no longer feel the need to help you become something that you arent.

I don't have the engery or the weakness that I once had.

You fooled time after time, and you were so good at it.

You made me think going back to you was always the best idea, the idea that you were worth it everytime.

It took me a long, very long time to get the strength to say goodbye, to let go, and to move on.

To finally, not give you a time of day.

To realize that what we had wasn't real.

What we had was nothing, but a fantasy,

A fantasy that I eventually grew apart from.

And it crushed your dreams.


Because your game that you once played on me, wasn't working anymore.

Instead of myself losing, I finally was winning, and you were the loser now.

I stopped going back to you.

I stopped believing that you would change for me.

I started to see you for what you really were

A person that was selfish and careless.

A person who lacked motivation

A person who couldn't be loved

And a person that I could not longer see myself with

I remember when I thought I couldn't live without you.

I remember late nights that I would be crying about not being with you.

I remember times that I was weak and vulnerable that I would crawl right back to you and your decivious games

It took me a long time, to realize that our toxic relationship wasn't worth losing myself in the process.

After all the pain, the hurt, and the crying I've realized that I actually can live without you and that I'm better off without you in my life.

I always thought I was the damaged one.

I always thought that I was the problem.

I always thought you were perfect and that I would never be able to live up to your expectations.

I always thought you were hopelessly romantic

I always thought you were the one, the only one.

However, I have realized that you were the one so damaged beyond repair.

I always wanted to help you

I wanted to change you into a positive direction, but your lifestyle, your genes and your environment wouldn't let that happen.

It took me a long, long time to figure it out, but

You could never be the guy that I wanted because you never actually wanted the person that I was.

And I have finally been able to accept that.

I've realized now that you were meant to be in my life in the long-run

And I am glad that you came into my life and are out of it because I was able to learn many life lessons and I have become a better person being without you.