Change Will Only Make You Stronger

Change Will Only Make You Stronger

Let change be the push through the open door you've been waiting for

Ana Bohr

Change. A not-so-familiar word. A word that may make someone reading this cringe. Change is uncomfortable, yet rewarding all at the same time. Change gets you out of your comfort zone and prepares you for all that is ahead. Change is worth the process, because in the end, it makes you become more alive.

Change. What an exciting word to some, but a scary word to many. Not many people are ready to take on all that change has to offer. Change means that you have to work on being flexible, especially with circumstances you didn't see changing in the first place. Staying in your comfort zone is the best option for many, but only a few will step out of their bubble to embrace all that is in store.

What a wild adventure life could be if you learned how to embrace change in every aspect and area of your life. Embracing change means accepting it through the good times and the bad. It means giving it your all in being flexible and taking risks, even when things seem scary. Being comfortable in the moment could seem like the best option, but when you choose to look past that and embrace all that is in store, that is where the real magic happens.

I couldn't imagine doing life without change--living a life that is a continuous routine and not expecting anything to be different. Ultimately, I would take life for granted if I always knew what was going to happen. Change is a beautiful thing because it brings new opportunities and opens new doors that you couldn't even imagine to be possible.

Let today be a new day, a day of embracing whatever change throws your way. Whether it's good change or bad, don't let it define who you are as a person. Embrace change with everything that you have, give it your all, don't look back and regret what could have happened, or what you could do differently. Let change be an opportunity for new growth, new opportunities, and for new doors to walk through. Let change be uncomfortable, because in reality, it will only grow you to be a better you.

Change is not a bad thing. In the moment it may look like the worst thing that could have ever happened to you, but it's actually what you needed. Let change make you a stronger, better, yet more determined person. You can let it destroy you or build you up. Change is not here to harm you but to grow you in every area of your life. The choice is yours. What are you going to do with the change that gets thrown your way? Do not let it define you in a negative way. Let change be the push through the open door you've been waiting for. Let it change your life.

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