The other day, late at night I was watching Goalcast videos on YouTube. If you don’t know what Goalcast is, it is a channel that posts motivational videos, speeches, and biographies of famous people and their struggles through life (Also, HIGHLY recommend, it gets you really hyped on just about anything). Though all of the videos are really inspiring, This one stuck out to me the most.

“How to Find Your Purpose in Life” with Dr. Robert Quinn in some way, changed my life. He goes on about how when you [along the lines of] ‘write a purpose for your life, that is the first step’. Then what came next hit me like a truck.

Everything begins with taking the first step. You never know what and how your life will lead, but the fact that you give it a shot, and give it purpose for even trying. Also, you can write one yourself! You can always change too, it’s not like it’s set in stone.

I have done similar things in the past, but not really having the same mentality while doing it. I’ve put sticky notes around, notes up on my walls of sayings and reminders of what I really have to keep in mind, and how to not forget the ‘dream’.

Growing up you go through a lot as we all, already know. From hardships to prosperity, and from busy work lives, to weeks of boredom, these experiences change us. With keeping the purpose that you have thought of/written in mind, you can draw what you learned from those experiences and turn them into something great. It can be creatively, constructively, or just use that energy and inspiration to pursue what you love.

Everyone deep down wants to live a life that is worth writing about. Why not have a life purpose idea written out? Keep it in mind throughout your life!