Humanity Needs To Push Forward

America was discovered on 1492, and we weren't officially the country we know today until July 4, 1776 during the drafting of the "Declaration of Independence". Of course, England didn't receive the declaration on that day and there was still some war after that. However, that is another history lesson for you some other time. What I wanted to talk about was how far society have degraded.

We went from Puritans and Quakers to "Vulgarity and Sexuality". Why isn't there any reasonable in between. Every time a celebrity wears an outfit it appears to make global news. Some articles even talk about people more excited over some celebrity's birthday over theirs. My question is how come when we get closer to proving Quantum Mechanics or Nuclear Fusion nobody bats an eye? Why is it when some of the most amazing scientific discoveries happen in small labs or research institutions barely any coverage.

We need to start celebrating ingenuity not some celeb dressing half naked or being bikini clad. We need to stop the whole sub culture that spun out of this. Celebrities are just actors. Football players are just playing a game. They are doing a job. They however, don't change the world. They don't get deployed with the potential of dying for this country. They don't advocate against injustices. When they do then that deserves coverage or recognition.

If we don't stop celebrating though huge accomplishment and breakthroughs, then we as a society are focusing on the wrong things. We can innovate the world and make it a better place. We are the change for generations to come. However if we keep mindlessly following trends we see rather than celebrating advancements for humanity, it becomes a problem. If these same trends are pushing misogyny, porn, and a vulgar lifestyle it become an even bigger problem.

We don't want it to come to the point where we eventually degrade like animals. We have come a long way for centuries. We are from the same genetics who pushed for the renaissance period and the industrial revolution. It is time not to just change America, but change the world. We can make an impact, and realize that things need to be different for the better of society. I hope I am not trying by a longshot.

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