The year is 2016: more celebrity gossip has ensued than ever before. Last week, a huge feud between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian-West (rather, the entire Kardashian clan) broke out over a line in the song "Famous" by Kanye West. Essentially, Taylor was claiming that Kanye wrote and recorded a line that she did not approve of; however, Kim exposed Taylor by posting videos of a phone call between Swift and West where Swift clearly OK'ed the line herself. The internet, amongst many media outlets, went nuts over this scandal and it's all anyone has been talking about for the last few weeks. Newsflash! None of this matters at all.

On the day that Kim released the footage of Taylor and Kanye hashing it out, three police officers in Baton Rouge were shot and killed, Ohio declared a state of emergency and temporarily suspended the hold and carry law in fear of more brutal acts outside of the Republican National Convention, and Autumn Veatch made headlines speaking about her survival in a plane crash. These stories, amongst a plethora of others, hardly had the chance to get the recognition that they needed due to the Swift vs. West showdown.

It physically pains me to see the youth of today so entirely consumed with celebrity gossip and caring so little about what is actually going on in the world around them. Many young adults my age lack knowledge pertaining to our country's history, government system, etc., yet can name every member of the Kardashian clan at the drop of a pin. I know that celebrity gossip is entertaining. It's so easy to be sucked into that world, but we must not give in.

In a few months, there will have been so many different things that will have happened to celebrities that we won't even remember the drama between Kim, Kanye, and Taylor. However, the things that are going on right now that actually matter, like the presidential election, for instance, are continually making an impact on our lives and will be doing so for the next few years to come. At this day and age, it's vital to be aware of what is going on in not only your country, but the world itself.

As a millennial who cares about the news--the actual news--I ask you to please educate yourself on the every day matters. Start small and pick up your city's newspaper, and then expand. Find a news station you like, watch a few minutes of a broadcast while you're at the gym or lounging at home. Read the headlines and pay attention. I promise it will pay off.