P!nk And Jessica Simpson Dye Their Daughters' Hair

While I am not a mom, seeing the comments on the pictures infuriates me. Like, is it your kid's hair being dyed? No, didn't think so, so just get over it!

I mean who cares, they are little girls that are just having some fun, it's summertime and some colorful hair is always exciting. There are so many other important things to be complaining about, not some celebrities that dyed their daughters' hair fun colors. I have dyed my hair fun colors, and it washes out so fast that there is no harm done to the hair at all. Those little girls also have blonde hair so there was no bleaching done, not to mention it was semi-permanent colors so they won't be stuck in their hair forever.

I don't have kids right now, but I really don't see the harm in it at all, if they wanted it then go for it.

You are only a kid once, and after a while having fun colored hair isn't an option anymore, at 20 I can't get away with having purple or blue hair. So let the kids do it. Overall, no one should be mom-shaming, which is apparently a trend nowadays. "I don't like how this person is parenting their kids so I'm gonna spread negativity when I shouldn't even care because it's not my kids."

Everyone should get to parent their kids how they want, as long as there is no harm coming to the kids mentally, emotionally or physically then let it go.

I really doubt that Jessica or P!nk were forcing their daughters to dye their hair, they asked, so why not let them. I just think people have nothing better to do so the just complain about the stupidest things. If I were a mom and my kid asked me, I would totally let them dye their hair a fun color. Don't spread negativity in a world that has so much already, I mean use your time in a more positive way instead of commenting on a post on Instagram saying how dare this MOM dye HER kid's hair. Sorry to be so harsh but it's not affecting you so why are you going to be rude, I bet those girls were so excited and happy, so let kids be kids.

I think Jessica and P!nk are doing a great job and kudos to them for letting their daughters be kids and enjoy life. I support their decision 100%, but if you don't, well here is the thing nobody cares what you think.

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