How To Celebrate The 4th Of July Without Fireworks

03 July 2016 //

Sure, the Fourth of July and fireworks are very often synonymous, however it may not always be the best option. Fireworks can negatively effect many individuals and pets and subject them to pain and harmful memories. Keep in mind those who have served our country and come back with PTSD, think of those who are refugees in our nation who may have witnessed bombings or shootings, think of your loving pet, dog especially, who often become frightened, quiver and possibly run away at the sound of a firework.

Additionally, if you live in an area that has banned fireworks or is prone to wildfires, such as Alaska where I live, it is illegal to shoot off fireworks. These are all things you should keep in mind before lighting off a firework. Because while they may be pretty and give people "oohs and aahs" it may effect many and much more than you would think. However, many still want to celebrate the 4th of July and here is some ways that you can do that without fireworks!

Still want pyrotechnics?

Use sparklers! They not only give off a firework vibe but they do not make loud noises and you can also draw designs or capture your own special image with a photo!

Just want the fire?

Have a bonfire! There are many individuals who may be willing to let you come over, hang out and enjoy their fire-pit. Otherwise if a fire-pit is unavailable you can build your own on a beach and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Want to spend quality time with your family and friends?

Have a grill out! BBQ some hot dogs and hamburger and hang out. Share memories with one another, laugh about the good times and remissness about previous get-togethers. Break out a party game, watch some baseball, just enjoy each others company.

Want to celebrate your independence?

Go camping, hiking, row a canoe, see the stars, get outside. Explore the land that has been protected and was given to you on the day that the United States gained its independence.

Other Ideas?

Donate to a charity, possibly one that helps veterans as they are returning home or those family's whose loved ones did not.

Go see a baseball game! What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with America's Greatest Past time. Almost every city has some form of baseball team whether it is professional or collegiate!

Load up a fireworks display on your computer. It will still show you the beauty that fireworks can hold without the noise!

There are many ways in which you can celebrate the Fourth of July without shooting off fireworks, and many of them could create lasting memories or reflect and cherish time with loved ones. As you do this however, keep in mind those individuals who may struggle with this holiday, for various reasons and possibly be a bit more aware to others situations and struggles.