Using CBD for Migraines

Using CBD for Migraines

How CBD has helped decrease my pain and made me function.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a proponent in marijuana that helps many illnesses; epilepsy, Parkinsons, cancer, and even migraines. One could get it at a local marijuana clinic in many different ways of consumption. With all the benefits that it has to offer, it's definitely helped my pain. There are even stories on the news where it's helped seizures in children. There are even pet CBD medications to help with pain and anxiety! Here are the benefits that one can get from using CBD for migraines from my own experience.

1. CBD is the non-psychoactive proponent in marijuana, so one wouldn't feel "stoned" when taking it. Personally, THC gives me very bad anxiety, so using CBD is great because I don't feel out of control.

2. It comes in many different ways to consume. The pills come in different milligrams of CBD. For me, I usually take 20mg CBD pills because I noticed with a higher dosage the pain went down. With experimentation, one can find the right milligram that works for them. You can even take them every five hours. The tinctures are a liquid form of it, so you can either put it under your tongue or in your drink. The tinctures taste a little weird, but it works faster than pills. The lotions are also really nice, too; it can really help with joint pain, arthritis, and muscle aches as it seeps into your skin on the spot. There are also CBD bath bombs!

3. They really help with nausea. Within 20 minutes of taking a CBD pill, my pain decreases to where I can function again and the nausea completely goes away. With my migraines, nausea is one of the worst component of having one. It makes me unable to focus and the idea of trying to take my own migraine medication scares me because I'm afraid I'll throw it up.

4. They really help with anxiety. Like number one stated, it doesn't make you feel paranoid like THC would. If I'm having a panic attack, it can calm me down in 20 minutes, but depending on the way you consume it, it can affect you faster. It also doesn't make me tired or sleepy like Xanax does.

5. It also really helps with depression. I would also take it to help my own depressive episodes after a migraine attack. Migraines deplete serotonin, so I'm usually very depressed afterwards. If I take a CBD pill the day after a migraine, I can stop the depression in its tracks and not feel as down as I normally would. It really does put me in a happier mood.

CBD can benefit many people and I believe it's a great alternative to pharmaceuticals. Holistic medicines can work, it's just a matter of finding what works for you since every body is different. After years of taking so many medications, I'm happy to find something that isn't damaging my body. With the research that goes into marijuana for health, I believe that CBD will be a great holistic medication that people can use to help with many different ailments.

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