So growing up, I had two dogs, Cody and Nicky, who are now both eleven years old. About four years ago, my family decided to bring another pet into our home, this time a cat. It has changed the whole dynamics of our household due to their major differences.


-selfish: want things their way
-independent: can be left alone for days and be fine
-cheaper to maintain
-less time needed
-don't need grooming
-are usually trained to use litter-box quickly


-will do anything for their owner
-needy: love and affection; be close to you
-more expensive
-more time worthy
-grooming is a must
-need to be trained/housebroken which can take a couple of months
-want the best for their owners

Cats are everything dogs aren’t, but at the end of the day, they are our pets and we love all of them.