Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Give them a chance.

I am a cat person. According to everyone else in this world, that makes me weird and smelly. Most dog people complain that cats are unfriendly, unaffectionate, disloyal, and down right evil, while they will argue that dogs are a man's best friend, loving, exciting, and a sign of a good time.

What most dog people don't realize is that cats are fiercely loyal and incredibly clever and independent creatures.

Their behaviors are dimensional and they are human-like in their choice. If you repeatedly mistreat a dog, it will still be loyal and obedient to you. They are domesticated creatures; it is in their nature to be that way.

I find this trait very harmful and not appealing at all.

Cats, like elephants and many other creatures with long memories, always remember a person by their treatment of them. If you mistreat a cat once, it will never want to be in your presence again. It makes the decision of whether it wants to be near you consciously and with great thought.

Additionally, a cat's idea of affection is very different from that of a dog. Cats will blink at you or rub their bodies against you as a sign of affection. Of course, this behavior seems cold in comparison to dogs and their rambunctious barking and wagging and licking. But that does not take away from the fact that a cat is loving and does showing physical signs of that even if they are much more nuanced than that of a dog.

Cover Image Credit: @catsofinstagram

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18 Realities Only Chihuahua Owners Understand

Tiny tongues, toys and tummy rubs.

Being a Chihuahua owner is a task many are not cut out for. Chihuahua hearts are big but there owners' are bigger. From constant coddling to invasive snuggles, there are some things only a Chihuahua owner understands:

1. Tiny tongue in your nose.

Be wary. Look away for a moment and your Chihuahua's tongue will slide into your nose faster than you can say stop. Just to be clear, this doesn't end at noses. Other body cavities, such as the eyes, ears and mouth are also at risk for Chihuahua infiltration.

2. Cat toys are its toys.

When your dog is tiny, it needs tiny toys.

3. Burying.

If your dog is missing, it's probably at the foot of your bed... under the covers. Oh, your bed is made? You don't think they would have been able to nuzzle down without disturbing your pillows? Wrong.

4. Claw marks halfway to your knee.

Because they want to be picked up and that's as high as they can reach.

5. Belly rubs.

Lots of them.

6. The fact that your dog is basically a cat.

They play with cat toys. They're cat sized.

7. The fact that your dog is more like a baby than a dog, or even a cat.

Okay, scratch that. Owning a chihuahua is more like having an infant that needs constant coddling. If they could talk we'd hear "pick me up, mommy" all day long.

8. The shakes.

Shakes because they're scared. Shakes because they're nervous.

9. Any miniature sized objects become toys.

Wine corks, toilet paper rolls...

10. Constant crying.

They cry when they're too excited, overwhelmed or scared which means it's always eye-wiping time!

11. Snuggles in your body's crevices

Mere cuddling is not enough for these creatures. Snuggling is only adequate when they strategically place themselves into the most irritating curve of your body- like the arch of your back or the back of your knees.

12. Being judged for the type of dog you own.

As if all Chihuahua owners participate in this type of embarrassing behavior... not saying that I don't.

13. Little dog syndrome.

14. Rain is not your friend.

Let's not even talk about thunder. There's no way you're getting your dog out of the house for a of couple hours.

15. You can't count how many times your dog has been called the Taco Bell Dog.

Yes, we get it, it's a Chihuahua. No, it doesn't need a sombrero.

16. You never go anywhere in your house alone.

Going to the kitchen? So are they! Bathroom, no problem, they'll be there to support you!

17. 'Sit' probably took you six months.

Let's just say, at least they've got the cute thing going for them.

18. The stank eye.

Cover Image Credit: Rachel C. Baxter

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17 Reasons I Wish I Could Switch Bodies With My Cat

Did I mention he gets to sleep 24/7?

We've all played the "If you could be any kind of animal, what would you be?" game at some point in our lives. Some people say a dog, some people say a unicorn.

I would be a cat.

My cat, Killian, is the envy of every cat. He lives the most regal lifestyle you could ever imagine along with his brother, Kieran. Killian, whose nickname is Bear, is a 6-year-old Maine Coon from Mentor, Ohio. He's lovable, and his fur feels like an angel's hair. If I could be any animal, I wouldn't be just any cat. I would be Bear, and here are just a few of the reasons why!

1. He’s pudgy, but everyone likes him the way he is

Imagine not having to care about weight loss or watching what you eat.

2. Nothing is ever expected of him

Because he has no thumbs with which to do anything!

3. He gets to sleep all day

What would it be like to sleep all day until 8 p.m. and then wake up and wreak havoc all night?

4. My family spoils him

And they won't deny it.

5. Sunny naps

Wherever there's a ray of sunshine on the floor, you'll find him there.

6. He never has to go to classes

He already knows how to say, "Rrrrrrrowlllllll." He doesn't need to know anything else.

7. Getting to drink from the kitchen faucets

One of our faucets uses a reverse osmosis water filtration system. It doesn't get any better than that.

8. He never has to make his own meal

But boy, he's a picky eater.

9. Everyone knows that “Mowl” means “I want water”

Proof that he's teaching us, not the other way around.

10. All the belly rubs

Most cats don't like belly rubs, right? But most dogs do. That's one of the many reasons Maine Coons are the golden retrievers of cats.

11. Trips to the vet mean lots of loving and pampering from the vet techs

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!

12. He’s carried everywhere

Awwwww poor baby doesn't want to jump on the couch? Let me lift you, honey. Awwwww Bear Bear wants to take a nap? C'mon, buddy, I'll carry you upstairs to bed.

13. When he looks at you, his eyes study your face

I don't know how else to describe it; it's not like a regular cat. It feels like I'm looking into the eyes of a human, which is why we treat him like a human.

14. So many cuddles

His favorite cuddle position is where he's under a blanket making biscuits on the couch.

15. When he rolls onto his back, a chorus of “Aws” can be heard a mile away

I wish people fawned on me the way they do on Bear.

16. He never has to walk in the rain outside

You know he's spoiled when he's an indoor-only cat.

17. Everyone loves him

Because who wouldn't?

Cover Image Credit: Erin Locke

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