Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Give them a chance.

I am a cat person. According to everyone else in this world, that makes me weird and smelly. Most dog people complain that cats are unfriendly, unaffectionate, disloyal, and down right evil, while they will argue that dogs are a man's best friend, loving, exciting, and a sign of a good time.

What most dog people don't realize is that cats are fiercely loyal and incredibly clever and independent creatures.

Their behaviors are dimensional and they are human-like in their choice. If you repeatedly mistreat a dog, it will still be loyal and obedient to you. They are domesticated creatures; it is in their nature to be that way.

I find this trait very harmful and not appealing at all.

Cats, like elephants and many other creatures with long memories, always remember a person by their treatment of them. If you mistreat a cat once, it will never want to be in your presence again. It makes the decision of whether it wants to be near you consciously and with great thought.

Additionally, a cat's idea of affection is very different from that of a dog. Cats will blink at you or rub their bodies against you as a sign of affection. Of course, this behavior seems cold in comparison to dogs and their rambunctious barking and wagging and licking. But that does not take away from the fact that a cat is loving and does showing physical signs of that even if they are much more nuanced than that of a dog.

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How My Diva Of A Cat Welcomes Me Home

Even though it's not rainbows and sunshine at first, we eventually work it out.

When you have a dog, coming home is like being welcomed by an adoring friend. They jump all over you, shower you with kisses and act as though your arrival is the greatest thing to ever happen to them. When you have a cat, the experience is a little different. Upon my arrival at home my cat will look at me and then continue whatever she was doing. Now, I am lucky in that my cat is unusually affectionate. She loves being held (when she is in the mood), she cuddles with me when I watch T.V. and sleeps at my feet at night. However, when I started going to college, things began to change. I hear stories of my friend's dogs running up to them the second they get home and showing them with love. My cat, Noodle, is a little different. You see, I believe that she holds a grudge. Here is what happens every time I come home on break.

1. I walk in and look around excitedly to find her

I miss my cat so much when I am away so coming home is so exciting. All I want to do is play with her and cuddle.

2. When I finally find her she looks at me like I have personally offended her

I guess my excitement to see her is not reciprocated. The fact that I left and had the audacity to return is not acceptable.

3. I pick her up and she acts like a fish out of water and tries to wiggle away

My normally cuddly cat now believes I am the enemy and decides to treat me as such. It does not matter if I rub her behind the ears or use her favorite brush, the cat wants nothing to do with me.

4. When I put my bags down she rubs up against them and explores every nook and cranny of my room

This always gives me hope. Maybe she didn't recognize me when I got back, but now that she sees me in my room she will warm up to me.

5. Noodle leaves my room and then refuses to come near me for at least 24 hours

This is her version of the silent treatment. If I walk into a room, she leaves it. If I try to pick her up, she runs away. When I bring her to my bed to go to sleep, she runs away as if she were being chased.

6. Finally, she shows up in my room at night, gets in bed and starts purring

Even though it takes some time, Noodle eventually comes around. She is not a dog and needs to do things her own way. We were always so close that every time I leave she feels hurt. I know that even if she is standoffish at first, she and I always work it out.

Cover Image Credit: Rachel Kirkpatrick

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How Getting A Cat Changes You

You're finally able to be part of the 'cat people' conversations.

You're finally able to be part of the cat people conversations.

You honestly don't care if other people think you're annoying for showing off the dozen photos of your cat.

You somehow have less socks than you did before.

There's a cat nest full of them somewhere in your house.

You instantly feel SOO much worse when you see someone's missing cat post on Facebook.

I couldn't imagine the tears that would be shed if my cat went missing.

You just got the cutest cat that there's ever been. No one has ever had a cuter cuddlier little feline friend.

Yeah the other cat may be better at not tearing up the furniture and not biting but you know your cat is the best cat in the world. Sorry not sorry.

Cover Image Credit: pxhere

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