Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Cats Are Great, Even If They Are Not Dogs

Give them a chance.

I am a cat person. According to everyone else in this world, that makes me weird and smelly. Most dog people complain that cats are unfriendly, unaffectionate, disloyal, and down right evil, while they will argue that dogs are a man's best friend, loving, exciting, and a sign of a good time.

What most dog people don't realize is that cats are fiercely loyal and incredibly clever and independent creatures.

Their behaviors are dimensional and they are human-like in their choice. If you repeatedly mistreat a dog, it will still be loyal and obedient to you. They are domesticated creatures; it is in their nature to be that way.

I find this trait very harmful and not appealing at all.

Cats, like elephants and many other creatures with long memories, always remember a person by their treatment of them. If you mistreat a cat once, it will never want to be in your presence again. It makes the decision of whether it wants to be near you consciously and with great thought.

Additionally, a cat's idea of affection is very different from that of a dog. Cats will blink at you or rub their bodies against you as a sign of affection. Of course, this behavior seems cold in comparison to dogs and their rambunctious barking and wagging and licking. But that does not take away from the fact that a cat is loving and does showing physical signs of that even if they are much more nuanced than that of a dog.

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If You Still Don't Have These 8 Things In Your College Room, You're Doing It Wrong

Take it from a senior living in a residence hall, I know what I'm talking about.


If this is your first semester or if this is your last, there are some things every college student should have in their room. Granted, some things are more of a convenience than a necessity, but, come on, you only live once, right?

1. Bluetooth speaker

Whether it's jamming to some study tunes, kicking it back with some chill beats on a Saturday night, or trying to block out the noise roommates down the hall, a Bluetooth speaker is a key piece of every good residence hall experience. You'll thank me later.

2. String lights

The easiest way to turn those glum room walls into your personal paradise is to hang string lights all around! If you are feeling particularly creative, adding some lights and print-out photos to an open wall creates the cutest memory board. Make sure to hang these below the sprinkler system if your hall has them!

3. Cute pillow(s)

Nothing makes your mostly-unmade bed look better than a cute throw pillow. Who cares if your comforter is crooked and falling off your mattress — you've got adorable pillows! Plus, they can be great to lay on when studying or watching movies in bed.

4. A fuzzy blanket

Nothing screams "college" like cuddling up in a soft blanket and procrastinating your homework. Whether it's for watching movies, wrapping up in while studying for that 8 AM exam, or just unwinding after a long day, a fuzzy blanket makes everything better.

5. Essential oil diffuser

Most residence halls don't allow candles or wax melters, but essential oil diffusers can be even better for you and for making your room smell great. You can even use certain oils when you aren't feeling well to help you get better sooner!

6. Reusable water bottle

Now, this is more of a college tip in general, but it is still extremely important. I find that when I buy a new reusable water bottle, I drink more water. Stay hydrated and reduce your eco-footprint by skipping the single-use plastic bottles.

7. Closet organizers

One of the hardest parts about moving into a college room is the closet space (or lack thereof). Go for practical. An over-the-door shoe rack, hanging cubby, multi shirt hanger, or jewelry pouch can maximize your space without forcing you to get rid of half your wardrobe.

8. Power Strip

I'm not talking about dinky little extension cords, no no, I'm talking power stips. These babies have saved me every semester of my college career. Many residence halls require them since they have surge protectors. Turn one outlet into five or more (some even have USB ports).

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7 Reasons Cats Are Our Best Friends

And also low-key jerks.


Cats get a bad rap for being aloof and grumpy. But they are really just picky about who they trust and like. And who isn't?

1. They act like they don’t need you, but they really do.

Once they decide they like you, they become the neediest floofs ever. Though they will never admit it.

2. They love to cuddle.

Just on their own terms.

3. Everything is a toy.

Even your feet, hands, hair, knees, etc.

4. Their fur is super soft and fluffy.

And they love being pet, win-win.

5. They eat the weird bugs that get in your house. And mice.

Pet = pest control.

6. Cats don’t judge you for what you are wearing.

They only judge you if you are too loud or move too much.

7.  They love you.

Even if they get grumpy sometimes, they still love you.

Cats are said to see you as bigger, hairless, stupid cats. But they love us and will love you if you are kind to them and respect their boundaries.

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