30 Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand

30 Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand

Yes, we talk to our cats. And yes, they understand.

If you're a true cat lady, you probably know this already, as does everyone around you. But there's nothing wrong with a little reassurance that you're actually a cat whisperer.

1. Your cats are your fur babies.

2. You miss your cats more than your family when you're away from home.

3. In fact, you make your family members put the cat on FaceTime with you.

So you can tell them how much you miss them, and that you'll be home soon.

4. You always say goodbye to your cats when you leave the house.

And tell them that you'll be back soon!

5. When you get home, the first thing you do is announce you're home to your cats.

6. When you get invited to someone's house for the first time, the first thing you ask is whether they have a cat.

7. The first thing you do when you get to that new person's house is look for their cat.

That's why I came over!

8. Every time you hear about new kittens, you want to adopt them all.

And then you get sad when you realize you can't, because you already have too many.

9. Making the bed is always an adventure.

10. As is cleaning the house.

11. You constantly have to refill the cat food bowl because if it's not full, it's basically empty.

12. You frequently find your cat just hanging out in the sink.

13. And other weird places around the house.

14. You're a pro at getting your cat out of situations it got itself into.

This includes getting them out from under the couch, and getting their claws un-stuck from the curtains.

15. You're used to coming home to things broken.

And your cat trying very hard to look extremely innocent.

16. You know the only reason you would buy cat beds or toys is so your cats can play in the boxes they come in.

17. There's no such thing as privacy in your house.

What is it with cats and bathrooms? The world may never know...

18. You actually get into fights with your cats.

19. You own at least one laser pointer.

Endless entertainment.

20. You know the difference between the "right" and "wrong" cat food.

Non-cat owners will never understand.

21. Your cat tends to change up the kind of food it likes.

22. It's impossible to read without being interrupted.

23. Or work on the computer.

Every time.

24. Or do anything really, without being interrupted by your fur babies.

25. That includes sleeping.

26. You don't even try to bring plants or flowers into the house.

The choice is yours.

27. When you finally give into your cat begging, and you give it a piece of your food, it goes untouched.

They only want food that they steal from you!

28. You consider a night hanging out at home with your kitties a night well spent.

29. Even though your home is covered in cat fur.

No matter how frequently you clean it. At this point, it's embedded in your clothes and your furniture. It's fine. We're fine.

30. You own at least five of these.

And you wouldn't have it any other way! You wouldn't give up your kitties for anything.

Cover Image Credit: Huffington Post

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I'm A Cat Person, But I Don't Own A Cat

Just because I don't own a cat, doesn't mean I think they're evil.

Everyone thinks that in order to be a 'cat' person, you have to own a minimum of 2 cats, or have owned cats at some point in your life. The stereotypical 'cat' person is labeled uptight, snobby, and absolutely can't tolerate dogs. Well, I'm here to break all of those stereotypes and bring light to a happy medium the cat vs dog world seems to often forget exists.

Growing up, I had always loved dogs and cats. I wanted 20 of each if my parents let me, and rest assured I had a mountain full of kitty and puppy plushes. I pretended they were my pets and each one had their own name, personality and preferred nickname.

Unfortunately for me, my dad is SUPER allergic to cat hairs and dander. His eyes would get all puffy, his skin would break out, and he'd be sneezing and coughing for days on end. So, that meant no pet cats for me. Granted, this meant I could have short haired dogs and that was more than enough for me, but I always felt like I was missing out on the other pet species.

I have a few friends who have cats, and every time I hang out at their house I always bond with the cats. I connect with them so much that one of my best friend's cat actually recognizes me when I come over and jumps up on my lap and takes a nap there, which is something my best friend says she never does with new people.

It surprised my friends how good I was with cats seeing as though I owned three dogs, because to them I was strictly a 'dog person.' Which, to be fair, is true. I am a dog person. I love dogs for vastly different reasons than I love cats, and that's perfectly OK.

But I'm not just a dog person. I don't think that cats are the spawn of the devil and cat owners are secretly demons in disguise, ready to gouge my eyes out and feed them to their she-devil four-legged entities.

I love my dogs, I do, but they're special in different ways than my friends' cats are. I think in a way, not having cats has made me more of a cat person. Seeing my friends' cats when I can is always a special experience for me, and I treasure the time I spend with each of them and the bonds I create with them. There have been some pretty tough days where I didn't have the chance to go home to my dogs, but instead I got to cuddle Belle or Gus, and knowing they sensed my stress and nuzzled a little closer to me made my heart burst.

Cats are not like dogs, they're selective in who they give their affection to and when they give it. I feel lucky and so loved when they see me and their first reaction is to rub their heads against my legs, give a soft purr and fall asleep in my lap.

I'm a cat person, but I don't own cats, and that's just how I like it.

Cover Image Credit: Tessa Boucher

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Catsbury Convention

Cat conventions are growing; this year was the first year for a cat convention in Asbury Park.

On April 7th, I attended the first Catsbury Cat Convention in Asbury Park. I am not a cat person because I am not an animal person, but two of my best friends love cats, so I found myself attending. It was an interesting and enlightening event that taught me about cat people and their insane, undying love for cats that have created numerous famous cats. We did not get to go to any of the meet and greets of the famous cats because the tickets were $100 and up. Instead, we went to a few cat presentations, cat bingo, and walked around the merchandise booths.

The first cat presentation was in a interview type setting. The famous cat was Nala; her owners were the ones answering questions. Nala is getting a Facebook watch show in the near future so that viewers can really get to know her personality. She will be going on Steve Harvey to advertise. When she first came out, she was in a weird carrier; apparently, she likes to travel fancy. Her favorite color is blue. She is really clumsy. She has her own Spotify playlist that people can listen to. All the tweets come from her brain and are translated by her owners. She doesn’t have an agent, just her two moms, the fellow animals, and the kids running around the house. I must admit Nala is a very pretty cat, but her fame and the fame of other cats baffles me.

We also went to a presentation by Lil Bub’s owner. This was a lecture type set up where the owner got to tell us the story of Bub and how she is a special kind of cat. She is a special needs cat with osteoporosis and some other difficult problems. The owner had four cats before he got Bub, and they all lived in his recording studio. He saw a photo of Bub, met her, thought she was really special and took her home. She was born without teeth, and eventually, he found out her other special needs. He found out different ways to take care of her, and she has been pretty healthy for awhile now. He originally had just been posting photos of Bub on Facebook, but eventually, she became really big. He decided that Bub needed to share her story with the world to help others, and he needed to assist in anyway he could. She came to have a show, a movie, an album, and all other sorts of things famous people normally have. To me, though, Lil Bub’s story was more meaningful because of all her difficulties and how she has been able to help people. I actually came to really like this cat and her family.
Besides the presentations, we went to car bingo, which was normal bingo and also walked the main convention area where there was merchandise. The products ranged from everything from portraits to pins to shirts to stuffed animals to socks to stickers to magnets. All cat related obviously. There were also haircuts being given and tattoos being done of cats on people. If you got a tattoo, you got free entry forever. All of the money went to the Catsbury shelter. All and all, the experience was good, just strange. I am just grateful to my friends and their fellow cat lovers for letting me observe their world.

Cover Image Credit: Catsbury Convention

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