Ever since I can remember, my parents told me that abortion is wrong and that we should be Pro-Life because we're Catholic. However, as I've grown up, I realized that it's okay to have different views than my parents.

Normally, I'd say not to bring up politics and religion in conversations, but the other day, I had a really nice conversation with friends about both. We were sitting on the floor in one of the girl's dorms, talking about our beliefs. All of a sudden, we started talking about our views on abortion.

Usually, when talking about topics like this, there is at least one person who doesn't agree with the others, but in this case, we all had the same views. The one girl even went to a Catholic elementary school, as I did.

Growing up, I was always told that abortion is against our religion, and I always felt like the people who aborted their pregnancies were just selfish.

Yes, I'm Catholic and I would never abort a pregnancy, but that's my choice and everyone else deserves a choice. A man that doesn't have a vagina or uterus should not make that decision for women. Until a man is able to get pregnant and push a human being out of their vagina, men shouldn't have a say.

Men who fight for the Pro-Life movement usually are fighting it because of their religious views. That's basically the whole movement; a religious movement. I believe that, as the Constitution says, that church and state should remain separate. I don't believe that your religion should determine laws.

I personally wouldn't get an abortion because I am Catholic and I don't believe it's right for me. However, I believe that other women should be able to choose, just like a man gets to choose if he wants to stick around for the child's life.

Being pregnant is nine months of pain, and I've heard that giving birth is one of the worst pains. I totally understand why a woman would abort a pregnancy, especially if the circumstances aren't the best. Even though I wouldn't do it because of my religion, I support women being able to make the choice for themselves.

I believe that women should have the choice with their bodies, and men shouldn't have a say in whether or not abortion is legal.