Casting the Liberty University Avengers

Casting the Liberty University Avengers

Lynchburg's Mightiest Heroes

Everyone love Earth's Mightiest Heroes. From movies, TV shows, comics, and video games, most of us know who the Avengers are.

Now, the Avengers visit Liberty University this year as some familiar faces.

Note: This list is not based on how much they look like the character, but personalities.

Jerry Falwell Jr. - Iron Man

He has the money, power, and facial hair going for him. Plus many times President Falwell is quick to use his words like our favorite Tony Stark.

Clayton King - Captain America

You've seen him at Spiritual Emphasis Week and in Convo, Clayton King is the righteous Captain America. He would be the perfect moral compass which is Cap.

David Nasser - Hawkeye

Much like Hawkeye, Pastor David Nasser is probably the one who keeps the group together. While they probably don't get the credit they deserve, we all actually love them.

David Wheeler - Thor

If you've been in his class, Dr. Wheeler is just full of energy and thunder. Don't be fooled by his sense of humor, Dr. Wheeler can bring the thunder.

Ed Hindson - Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner is a different kind of genius. While Stark may have the money and power, Banner is one of the smartest in his field as is Dr. Hindson. I think they are both wearing purple here too... Coincidence?

The Media - Ultron

Whether it's Facebook, YikYak, or the news what happens at Liberty spreads like wildfire. For the most part, it is like Ultron in being the technological adversary of LU.

Daniel Bolton - Nick Fury

You probably don't recognize Daniel Bolton (which probably means he's being a good Nick Fury) but next time you're at Convo keep an eye out for him around the stage. Much like Nick Fury, Daniel Bolton is the behind-the-scenes man that makes sure everything runs the way it should.

So there you have it. A preliminary casting of Liberty University's Avengers.

All in all, Liberty University is an amazing institution and we are blessed to have these "Avengers" to lead us!

Cover Image Credit: CollageMaker

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I Blame My Dad For My High Expectations

Dad, it's all your fault.

I always tell my dad that no matter who I date, he's always my number one guy. Sometimes I say it as more of a routine thing. However, the meaning behind it is all too real. For as long as I can remember my dad has been my one true love, and it's going to be hard to find someone who can top him.

My dad loves me when I am difficult. He knows how to keep the perfect distance on the days when I'm in a mood, how to hold me on the days that are tough, and how to stand by me on the days that are good.

He listens to me rant for hours over people, my days at school, or the episode of 'Grey's Anatomy' I watched that night and never once loses interest.

He picks on me about my hair, outfit, shoes, and everything else after spending hours to get ready only to end by telling me, “You look good." And I know he means it.

He holds the door for me, carries my bags for me, and always buys my food. He goes out of his way to make me smile when he sees that I'm upset. He calls me randomly during the day to see how I'm doing and how my day is going and drops everything to answer the phone when I call.

When it comes to other people, my dad has a heart of gold. He will do anything for anyone, even his worst enemy. He will smile at strangers and compliment people he barely knows. He will strike up a conversation with anyone, even if it means going way out of his way, and he will always put himself last.

My dad also knows when to give tough love. He knows how to make me respect him without having to ask for it or enforce it. He knows how to make me want to be a better person just to make him proud. He has molded me into who I am today without ever pushing me too hard. He knew the exact times I needed to be reminded who I was.

Dad, you have my respect, trust, but most of all my heart. You have impacted my life most of all, and for that, I can never repay you. Without you, I wouldn't know what I to look for when I finally begin to search for who I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it might take some time to find someone who measures up to you.

To my future husband, I'm sorry. You have some huge shoes to fill, and most of all, I hope you can cook.

Cover Image Credit: Logan Photography

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8 Easy Steps To Help You Change From A Night Owl To An Early Bird

We all know how dreadful the morning can be, but these easy steps can make it a whole lot easier for you!


It's seven am the morning after a late night, and here comes that irritating sound of your alarm. Instantly, you're in a bad mood and angrily starting your day off. If only mornings didn't have to seem so awful...

What if I told you this doesn't always have to be the case though? Coming from somebody who at one point couldn't get out of bed before 11 am earliest, to now waking up in a good mood with the rising of the sun every morning, it is possible. Here are some of the ways I was able to change from a night owl to an early bird.

1. Go to sleep earlier.

This one is obvious, but the one people neglect the most.

2. Focus on a morning schedule.

Your morning routine is the most important part of all of this. Even if you go to bed late, if you wake up at the right time, make your breakfast, get up and do the things you need to do in the morning, you will find it much easier and natural to get up.

3. Change the sound of your alarm.

Everybody knows the infamous iphone chirping alarm sound, it is extremely irritating and easily the most annoying sounds, so change it. Switch it up so your body hears something completely different. We tend to get accustomed to and ignore the alarms, making it harder to register and wake from them.

4. Avoid Naps Throughout The Day. 

This can be a hard one especially for us college students, but it will allow you to get an earlier, better night of sleep that will set you up for a higher energy morning.

5. When you wake up, get up.

Instead of waking up and sitting on your phone, checking social media, or continually hitting that snooze button, GET UP. It is as simple as that, your body will force itself up and creating this as a habit you will basically be springing out of bed in no time.

6. Open your curtains before you go to bed.

Let the light in! When your alarm goes off you will see the room flooded with light, this is a much easier condition to wake up than in a dungeon.

7. Avoid staying up late on your phone.

The blue lights on your device will make it harder to fall asleep, making you miss your bedtime and wake up later.

8. Get active during the day.

Tire yourself out throughout the day so you don't have so much pent up energy when it's time to go to bed!

Some of these may seem self-explanatory, but as easy as they seem to be, they are easy to forget. Becoming a morning person sets you up for such a better day, you get more done by the time the average person wakes up and having more energy in the morning sets you up for a more productive day.

Sure maybe a bedtime in college sounds lame, but you know what they say. Go catch that worm!

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