5 Simple Reasons To Care About The Environment

Listen, climate change is real and we need to take care of the environment. Here are 5 reasons that that are super simple to care for the planet.

1. We need the trees to breathe


"Trees give us oxygen. Plant when you can and advocate for keeping the trees up. They give us clean air..speaking of cleaning air..."

2. We need clean air, not pollution


Dirty air obviously causes breathing problems and health problems Stop polluting. period.

3. Don't you care about the animals?


For people who love zoos so much, stop trashing out grounds and biodegrading environmental systems.

4. Don't you also like the oceans?


You swim in the oceans right? And don't the sea animals live there? So respect it.



This is our home so take care of it. There is no plan b.

We need to take care of our planet; it's the only world.

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