Why I Don't Care What You Say About My Wardrobe

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding various articles about women and their apparel. Some say it's ok to wear your Nike shorts and oversized tees, while others are shaming those who do, claiming you need to always dress "nicely." As each article pops up on my timeline, I do take the time to read them and reflect on my thoughts, and that's when it hit me.

Why are we letting others tell us what we should and shouldn't wear and why are we judging them for wearing what they're comfortable in? If anything shouldn't we as a society be encouraging them to wear whatever makes oneself feel best in their own skin?

As females are very big supporters of accepting the way you look, doesn't this fall under this category can accept my body despite it's flaws but yet I can not wear what makes me feel comfortable on my body? Where is the logic on that one?

Who really cares what people say or think as long as your comfortable in your skin? It's time to stop having an opinion about what others think and do what makes you feel best about yourself.

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