We all saw Cardi B post on her social media about the end of her marriage with Offset. Their relationship did not hide much from the public. She even titled her album "Invasion of Privacy" because she has found that the whole world is up in her business and in her life with this (semi) new-found fame she has. She was (supposedly) dating Offset even before the release of her hit song "Bodak Yellow". The pair were dating throughout 2017 and by the end, were engaged (with a ring that cost upwards of $500,00 no less). Cardi B gave birth to their child (Kulture). Not long after, Cardi B posted the video to social media confirming the end of her marriage with Offset.

There has been speculation about why the two split. Most people think it has to do with trust issues left behind from Offset's cheating habits. Others think Cardi B realized she deserved better. Maybe he was not ready to be the father Kulture needed. Whatever the speculation may be, Cardi B said in her video that the pair had simply just fallen out of love with each other. She posted the video and did not seem to want to discuss the issue any further (which is probably why she posted the video of her own accord in the first place).

Offset took a different route when handling this divorce. He took to social media to blame the pressures from the public for their split by commenting, "Y'all won" on Instagram He also tweeted several times about how he misses Cardi B and how he wants her back. He has been extremely vocal about his emotions during the weeks since the two have split. He also posted (at least) one video about how sorry he was for cheating and how he was ready to be the husband Cardi deserves and the father Kulture deserves.

His barrages on social media have attracted so much attention to a divorce that frankly warranted the same amount of privacy as any other divorce. Of course, being as in the public eye as the two are, even apart from each other, their divorce will be at least a little public. That being said, my humble opinion (which holds no weight in his ultimate life decisions) is that Offset should leave Cardi B THE HECK alone. Allow me to explain:

He has been tweeting and posting on social media constantly about how he wants her back and how he deserves her back. We all can understand how this is annoying and hurtful to Cardi B. But, Offset interrupted her set during Rolling Loud with cake and flowers to publicly beg for her back. Let's unpack this, shall we? Cardi B went from being homeless to topping charts and headline festivals. She has become wildly successful, deserves her success, and did it herself with her passion and hard work. Offset disregarded her hard work and her career by interrupting her show and belittling what she has built to set the stage for his "big apology". The crowd even sang Happy Birthday to Offset and then began chanting about how Cardi B needs to take Offset back. How frustrating must that be?

At the end of the day, Cardi B deserves a man who gives her space and the time she needs both on and off the line. She deserves a man who respects her career and who doesn't interrupt her show and justify it by saying "You weren't even singing bruh". Cardi B deserves better than the man Offset has been presenting and he needs to back off and leave her alone.