7 Reasons Cape Cod Is Better Than Everywhere Else On Earth

7 Reasons Cape Cod Is Better Than Everywhere Else On Earth

I'm just here to state the facts.

I've had the great fortune of spending the past twenty summers of my life (that's right: all of them) on Cape Cod. It's where some of my best and favorite memories were made, and over my lifetime it's become my home away from home. There's something about the Cape, especially in the summertime, that is so comfortable and inviting to visitors and residents alike.

While there are endless reasons why Cape Cod is, to me, the best place in the world, I've picked seven that I think will sway any reader into agreeing with me.

1. The beaches

Most (if not all) towns in Cape Cod are right on the water, either the Atlantic Ocean or the much calmer Nantucket Sound. They're usually broken up by rock barriers, or jetties, allowing for some private beaches or smaller public patches. The beach I personally go to rests at the end of my street and is really only frequented by people in our small surrounding neighborhood.

While there will always be annoying families and children, the thing that makes up for it is the beauty of the beaches themselves.

2. The shops

In the summer on the Cape, everything looks like it's out of a movie. There are washed out wood signs in front of boutiques, food stands, and bookshops, many of them family-run and frequented by year-around as well as summer returnee shoppers.

3. The restaurants

I'll be honest: I'm salivating a little right now thinking about all of my favorite restaurants on the Cape. Most days it is bright and sunny, and you can sit outside as the sun begins to set and a chill sweeps in. There is nothing more pleasing to the soul than this, especially after a day out at the beach.

And that's just the experience of eating out! The food, especially the seafood, is often as enjoyable as the experience itself (and if it's not, you know that restaurant will be replaced by next summer).

4. The ice cream

I formally challenge anyone who thinks there is better ice cream somewhere other than the Cape to a fistfight. There is nothing better than Buffy's or Sundae School or Hot Chocolate Sparrow ice cream and I will stand by that for the rest of my life.

5. The summer festivities

We always have the great fortune of staying on the Cape for the Fourth of July, on which the whole neighborhood moves down to the beach and two local families take turns setting off incredible displays of fireworks. Everyone comes together to settle in, to barbeque on the beach, to snuggle with their kids as they watch in awe of the beautiful show

The Cape Cod Baseball League is in season all summer and while it is so cliche New England summer, there are very few things more comfortable and satisfying than sitting outside on a warm night as the sun sets to watch a baseball game.

6. Did I mention the ice cream?

When I was younger, my parents would let us decide each day: do we want ice cream from the truck on the beach or go out after dinner? It's not just the quality of the ice cream that is so good (which, see above, is still highly relevant), but the whole dynamic of eating amazing ice cream after a glorious day in the sun on the beach just distinctively and wonderfully epitomizes summer and happiness.

7. The community

In my German class this year, I had to compare my home or main residence with places that I also considered home (friends, we'll chat later about my experience in Elementary German....). While I love my home and am grateful to have grown up there, there is nothing like the community that emerges both between people who live on Cape Cod year-round and summer visitors like my family.

Each year, we encounter regulars who we've seen consistently for the now twenty years my family has been traveling north to the Cape, like the family who runs our favorite cafe or the one who's lived in the house next door for endless years. But we also have had the good fortune of making passing acquaintances, like the family who rented a house down the road and also had Boston Terriers, or the party house who made us appreciate our own friends and the simplicity of our summers so much more.

There is something undeniably magical about Cape Cod that makes it extremely hard (if not impossible) to ever be sad while you're there.

Cover Image Credit: Emily Sharp

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​10 New York City Brunch Restaurants I Love A Waffle Lot

Trust me, breakfast is overrated, even if it is at Tiffany's!


You guys knew it was coming! If you know me personally or follow me on Instagram you would know that the thing that I love most in the world is brunch. My life motto is "Mimosa es su mosa" or maybe "On Sundays, we drink mimosas." Just kidding! However, there is nothing I love more than having waffles, poached eggs, and a latte on a Sunday with my girlfriends. Brunch is a long-held tradition for us, it's a great way to relax and it honestly just brings everyone together. So I thought I'd share a few of our go-to spots!

1. Dudley's

This is my favorite place of all time to get brunch. Dudley's is right on Orchard Street, it has a quaint little interior great for dinner, as well! However, I suggest going during the summer to enjoy their outdoor seating. The food is just so delicious! The first time I went was actually at the end of August with my best friend Alexia. She had just gotten back from traveling and we wanted to brunch, go to The Met, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and go thrifting all before we went back to school the next day. We got brunch and were full pretty much the whole day, it was insane. It was also really fresh. Alexia even says when she comes home from Greece no meal ever compares to the food she eats back home, but this really hit the spot. The cuisine is American with an Australian twist. I normally get the chia muesli, a burger with a salad on the side instead of fries. Also if it's later in the afternoon, I'll just do cauliflower tempura with green aioli! For drinks, I suggest a latte or their cold brew.

2. Buvette

I literally just went last weekend with my friend Emily, so if that doesn't tell you how much I love it here, I don't know what does! Buvette has extremely friendly staff and great food, the portions are a tiny bit small but they are super filling, definitely try the specials! I suggest the Belgian Waffle with berries and a latte. My friend Emily got a lemonade and avocado toast!

3. Victor's Cafe

Best croquettes and burger to date. I also got yuca fries on the side. Best brunch ever, oh my gosh! Of course, I got a latte with that, too! The paella de vegetales and platanos are to die for, as well. Victor's Cafe has my heart!

4. Your Mother's House

I actually just went to Your Mother's House on Sunday. It's not the best brunch ever, but they have such a great menu with tons of variety. I even had this Groupon for bottomless brunch if you are of legal drinking age. The Groupon definitely makes it worth it!

5. Sarabeth's

This has been a long-standing tradition between my friend Sara and I. The first time we went was actually when I was like 13, I want to say. It was December and at the time Sara was like 17 and she bought me tickets to see the Radio City Rockettes. However, the only reason I took the train at that point was for work so I wasn't going to be allowed to go. So we devised a plan to convince my mother that her mother was going and it all turned out quite splendidly.

We went to Sarabeth's, I got the lemon ricotta pancakes, and Sara got the crab cake benedict. I would recommend both. Then we saw the Rockettes. However, the reason this is a funny story is that a month later on Christmas Eve, she and her parents came over and our mothers are extremely close because Sara and I have been friends since I was five years old. Sara and I went to my room to hang out and left our mothers to talk. After a few glasses of Chardonnay, Sara's mom told my mom that we went alone. I was grounded for three weeks. Well worth it though, not only did I see the Rockettes, but I found a regular brunch spot!

6. Chat Noir Tea

I know I'm a coffee girl, but I needed some tea to spill it at this brunch! Chat Noir Tea has an amazing Croque Monsieur and a great English breakfast tea. I suggest getting the tea service for two!

7. Juliette

I've told you guys once and I'll tell you again, all great things reside in Williamsburg! I'll be back here with my girlfriends in two weeks. I recommend the french toast at Juliette if you have a sweet tooth like me!

8. The Cheesecake Factory

This is probably one of my favorite places to eat, for dinner here I usually get the crusted chicken romano but for brunch, at The Cheesecake Factory they have plenty of sweet things, so I'll normally order a few things and split it with whoever I'm with!

9. Milk & Honey Cafe

I know this one is a throwback to the "10 Instagram Worthy Cafes" article I wrote but the Milk & Honey Cafe does have some great brunch options and come on, you can try one of the best cafes and brunch places in New York all at once! (Fun fact: My Odyssey profile picture was taken here!)

10. Cafe Mogador

So I wanted to include Cafe Mogador in this because it was actually recommended to me and will be my next brunch stop, so I figured why not leave this here as a little surprise for us both!

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Gillette Is Not The First Polarizing Company, And It Will Certainly Not Be The Last

There is a never-ending push and pull between how companies spend their advertising dollars and cultivating customer support. Why should we be surprised when a company takes a social or political stance?


I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that political activism is at one of it's highest points in recent years. As with most things, social media has not only amplified activism but made avenues of activism more accessible. There are so many accounts out there tackling some of the most complicated and nuanced issues in our society today. I think over the last decade, we as a society have spent a lot of time reflecting internally and reprioritizing our values.

Somewhere along the line, I think people also began to think more about where their money goes, what products they buy and which companies they support. People nowadays choose their products not only for functionality or quality but what that product is intended to express.

Essentially, when we buy a product or wear a certain brand it's often in an attempt to express some sort of value.

So I think it's only natural that brands are now more aware of not only where they're advertising but the messages they choose to express. For instance, if you wear Patagonia it could get an expression that you enjoy more expensive, high-quality clothes but that you also support fighting climate change of some sorts.

Companies have already begun to think more about their messaging and who they support with their advertising dollars. Keurig at one point pulled their advertising from Sean Hannity, much to the ire of his fans. Most recently, Roku removed the infamous InfoWars channel from their platform, following suit of other platforms such as Facebook and Spotify.

Ultimately, corporations essentially act and are treated as private citizens. They've been influencing politics for so long that it's almost a natural progression that they then begin to influence and make statements on public opinion. Since the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision, spending money on political causes is protected by the First Amendment under free speech. Companies can then give money freely in politics, so long as it wasn't going directly to any politicians. Many companies have already spent hundreds of millions of "dark money" to secretly fund campaigns and political parties.

Gillette wasn't the first company to make a statement/advertisement that comes off as polarizing, and it certainly won't be the last. If anything, these past few years have proven that companies can say such things without fear of greatly damaging their businesses. For instance, Nike's sales increased by 31 percent following their Kaepernick ad. As we become more socially aware, so will the companies that we purchase from.

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