You Can Try, But You Can't Hide Being A Spoiled Brat

You Can Try, But You Can't Hide Being A Spoiled Brat

You might be in college, but your brattiness is still showing.


You can't hide being a spoiled brat! So, I've done my fair share of babysitting in my 20 years and OK sometimes kids are bratty, but whatever. They're just kids and they're still growing up! I'm referring to someone being a grown adult, a teenager or a college kid and STILL being a brat.

Their brattiness isn't just out there for the world to see... It's hidden away and it comes out or shows at random times. Whether their brattiness is insisting on always picking the restaurant and never compromising or parking their car wherever and getting tickets all the time because they know their parents will pay all of them anyway — a brat is a brat and it's hard to hide.

When I was growing up, I was honestly kind of a brat. I used to constantly boss my three younger siblings around and I always thought I knew the answer to everything. Even now, I still boss my siblings around or I'll pick a fight over something that doesn't matter that much, but I know this about myself.

It's the brats that hide their brattiness that really need to be called out !!!

People who think their parents will always be there to get them out of trouble, so they NEVER take responsibly for anything.

Students that never work a day in their life because they "don't need to."

People who act like they know their privileges, so they're so much better than all the other brats.

You cannot hide true brattiness and it's going you follow your entire life. No matter how hard you try to act like you know you're a brat, it's going to follow you.

Next thing you know you'll be 40-years-old throwing a fit in a restaurant because you're not sitting at your usual table or you'll be yelling in a cute boutique because they're out of stock in your size of the blouse you want to buy.

You're a brat and you don't know it!

Everyone needs to realize that we're all a little bratty sometimes.

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