Dear Cancer, You Suck

Dear Cancer,

F**k you. Usually, I would apologize for the vulgarity but not this time.

This is for the millions of life taken too soon,

This is for the millions still living in pain because of the lives that were taken,

This is for the millions currently fighting for their lives,

I have never hated one single thing so much in my life. You give me so much anger that has nowhere to go. You come into someone's life and just destroy until there is nothing left but pain in the hearts of people who deserve so much better. You cause pain to people who deserve to find nothing less than serenity. You bring sadness and anger to the ones who deserve happiness and eternal peace. Those who lose their lives to you deserve to be alive, and you, you should not exist. You deserve death, not those innocent souls.

I have watched you come in and destroy so many lives. I have watched you impact my friends, I have seen you impact my friend's loved ones, and now I watched as you took the life of one of my loved ones. As much as my heart aches for my loss, it is also aching for everyone else because it just is not fair. It is not fair that you get to come out of nowhere and destroy the lives of people who worked so hard to live that life you took. It is not fair that you impact lives of people that deserve a life full of happiness and you turn their lives to a life full of struggle.

There have not been many moments in my life that I have doubted God, but you cancer, you make me doubt God. Why are you on this earth? Why would God create something so horrid and dreadful that takes the lives of innocent kind souls? Why would He allow you to take all those lives? Why does He continuously allow you to hurt millions of genuinely loving people?

I always try to look on the bright side, but with you, there is no bright side. You come into innocent lives and suck all the happiness out of those lives until you have consumed it all and leave amazing souls with only pain and despair. It is unnerving just to think about the millions of lives you have ruined. You are a terrible, disastrous, and hideous disease. I can only dream that one day you will not exist.

I dream that one day something will come into this world that can heal all the hearts you broke. I hope that one day, everyone who has lost a loved one to you gets to be reunited with that loved one. I wish for the day that all the pain you are currently causing and all that pain you caused in the past becomes non-existent. The day you are gone is the day I am the happiest girl alive.

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