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It's that time of year again—the time we say goodbye to shows that we thought would last forever and a day. Some of our favorites had a good long run such as “Bones,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Bates Motel.” Shows such as “The Blacklist: Redemption” and “Emerald City,” which came out earlier this year and got the ax before they could get a good start. Per TV Series Finale, there are 96 shows being canceled or ending. The following are some of the cancellations of the 2016-2017 season. The lineup posted isn't everything, as some of the series have yet to make their announcements at the time this article was written.

American Crime:” Canceled after three seasons.

The Catch:” Canceled after two seasons.

Conviction:” Canceled after one season.

Dr. Ken:” Canceled after two seasons.

Imaginary Mary:” Canceled after eight episodes. Well, the eighth episode airs Tuesday, May 16th.

Last Man Standing:” Canceled after six seasons.

Notorious:” Canceled after one season.

The Real O’Neals:” Canceled after two seasons.

Secrets & Lies:” Canceled after two seasons.

Time After Time:” Canceled after five episodes.

Doubt:” The show debuted in February 2017. It was canceled after two episodes.

The Odd Couple:” There were only 13 episodes ordered by CBS. Per Deadline, CBS will not be ordering any more. Glenn Gellar, Entertainment President of CBS assured Deadline that it wouldn't be the last of "The Odd Couple." According to Nellie Andreeva, he said: "It can definitely come back for season 4."

Pure Genius.” Per Yahoo TV, the show is likely to be canceled.

"Rush Hour:" Canceled after 13 episodes.

Training Day:” The show is moving to a new time slot on Saturday nights. Is this one step closer to cancellation?

APB:” Canceled after one season.

Bones:” Bittersweet goodbye to our favorite Fox show. After twelve seasons, their story came to an end. We laughed and cried right alongside Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth. What was your favorite episode or scene?

Making History:” Canceled after one season.

Pitch:” Canceled after one season.

Rosewood:” Canceled after two seasons.

Sleepy Hollow:” After four seasons, we're saying goodbye to Ichabod Crane. The reason for the low ratings could be due to changes over the years in front and behind the camera. Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills had great chemistry, but the show went downhill when Nicole Beharie left.

Scream Queens:” As of May 5, 2017, I have yet to hear if it has been canceled or renewed for a third season. With Emma Roberts maybe leaving the show, a third season may not happen. There's a petition on Change for a third season, though.

Son Of Zorn:” Canceled after one season.

Wayward Pines:” Per Cinema Blend, the show isn't canceled. It just won't be back for the 2017-2018 television season.

You The Jury:” Canceled after two episodes.

Aquarius:” Canceled after two seasons but don’t worry. David Duchovny will be back on the FOX Network as Agent Fox Mulder.

The Blacklist: Redemption:” The Blacklist is renewed, but the spin-off is canceled after eight episodes.

Emerald City:” Canceled after 10 episodes.

Grimm:” After six seasons we say goodbye to Nick Burkhardt and the gang. There are petitions up to save the show at The Petition Site and Change. Per L.A. Times, there might be a spin-off of the show with Trubel.

Patient Zero:” Canceled before it even aired.

Powerless:” Canceled after nine episodes.

Frequency:” Canceled after one season.

No Tomorrow:” Canceled after one season.

Reign:” Canceled after four seasons.

The Vampire Diaries:” After eight seasons, we say goodbye to the Salvatore brothers. Who's your favorite character? Your favorite episode or favorite scene? What would you have liked to see happen? What would you re-write?

Bates Motel:” After five seasons, we're saying goodbye to Norman. We're now caught up on Norman Bates backstory. You can catch Freddie Highmore on ABC in “The Good Doctor” this fall.

The Frankenstein Chronicles:” is a British drama that airs on ITV Encore. A&E picked up the first season. Per Meta Critic, they announced that A&E would no longer air the show.

Eyewitness:” Canceled after one season.

Girl Meets World:” Canceled after three seasons. Per Deadline, “Boy Meets World” had a different target audience. The show was on ABC as its spin-off. “Girl Meets World” is on the Disney Channel, whose target audience is much younger. Can Netflix save the show?

Incorporated:” Canceled after one season.

The Strain:” is coming to an end. This summer will be the fourth and final season. Are you looking forward to the end? I'm not.

Man Seeking Woman:” Canceled after three seasons.

Mary + Jane:” Canceled after one season.

Sweet/Vicious:” Canceled after one season, but don't give up hope. Per Entertainment Weekly, the show’s creator is going to try to find a new home for the show.

Teen Wolf:” is coming to an end after six seasons. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite episode or scene?

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Other News:

The Shannara Chronicles” is making a move. Per Deadline, the show is heading over to Spike TV for their second season. MTV is getting away from scripted television, and Spike is heading into scripted television.

Inhumans” will be heading over to the Fox Network this fall along with “The Gifted.”

For all of you “Big Bang Theory” fans, “Young Sheldon” will be making his way to CBS.

The CW is adding to their DC line up; they're bringing you “Black Lightning.”

Let’s not forget a return to NBC. Will & Grace are back.

What shows will you miss? What shows are you glad are staying? What new shows are you looking forward too?

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