All our lives, we are told no one is perfect. Life isn't perfect. Perfection is a lie, a figment of our imagination. But what if perfect is real? What if we can really achieve it if we put our minds to it?

It has been said we can rewire our brains by thinking positive thoughts continuously for 21 days. The word positive is subjective here, and it may take much longer than 21 days to reprogram your brain. But, if one were to discipline him or herself to only think positively, they could actually achieve perfection.

Through the process of centering yourself and eliminating toxic interactions, you will begin to live perfectly. Here's how.

1. Comparison becomes irrelevant.

Even as small children, we are taught to compete with others. Whether, it's directly or indirectly, our lives are constructed along a best to worst scale. Can you get the highest grades, be the best at sports, get the highest paying jobs? We are not taught to make ourselves happy, we are taught to be better than everyone else. If you aren't then something is wrong with you. You must have many shortcomings or bad luck. We constantly compare ourselves to others. Even when comparing is illogical. Why would I, a 29 year old female, compare myself to a successful 20 something year old NFL player? I don't play sports, I don't want to play sports, frankly, I don't even really care about sports. Why waste my thoughts on that? Athletes are impressive, yes. But my greatness is cut from another kind of cloth. Define your aspirations, and pursue with passion and faith. It always works out, if you choose to see it that way.

2. Wanting diminishes.

The most fortunate people are nearly always in want for something. They can have lavish homes, but daydream about being far away. They can have a kitchen stocked with enjoyable foods, but crave the chef's choice at a local restaurant. There's nothing wrong with getting treats here and there. And if you work hard, you should want to be rewarded. But, I'm not talking about rewards here. I'm talking about wanting things for gluttonous reasons. Desiring something because someone else has it is greedy. You don't need it; and if it weren't for someone else having it, you wouldn't want it. When you appreciate what you have, you can see the perfection in life as it is.

3. Living in the moment becomes real.

I always hear, "live in the moment." That's difficult for me sometimes because of my cerebral nature. But living in the moment really brings clarity and focus to the things that really matter. Look up at the sky, see the beauty in the clouds and stars and the change from sunlight to moonlight. Look at your friends and family. Notice the smiles on their faces and listen to their laughs when in their company. Do not take this for granted. It is real and may not last forever. It is perfect.

Perfection is real. It resides in the depths of our minds, hearts, and souls. We enter this world as perfect human beings in the image of the universe. There isn't a reason to believe otherwise. Our fears, challenges, and aspirations give us purpose to live this life as God intended. Through this belief we achieve the view of perfection.