Poetry On Odyssey: I Promise You

Poetry On Odyssey: I Promise You

Relationships are never perfect, but that's because we are human.

I can’t promise

I’ll never make you upset

Or bring you pain

Or make a mistake

Because I am human.

I can’t promise

I’ll always be perfect

Or never be sad

Or never make you angry

Because I am human.

But what I can promise you is worth so much more,

I can promise

I’ll make you smile

And bring you joy

And fix my mistakes

Because I love you.

I can promise

I’ll always be myself

And always be real

And make you happy

Because I love you.

I promise you that.

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To 'That Guy' From High School, My Life Was Always Better Off Without You

I truly wish that I would have never met you.


Silly me for thinking that you were forever - believing the promises and accepting all of your gifts. I took your words to heart: "I want you and only you for the rest of my life." You fantasized romance for me. I thought those feelings were only possible in the movies. I raved about you, spoke so highly about you, and about how I could see a future with you. Silly me.

Silly me for losing friendships over you. I had best friends before you. But then you had me convinced that you were the only person that I needed. They all warned me but I was blinded by your love. There was no way that they could've been right. You were so sweet. You would have never. Silly me.

Silly me for choosing you over experience. You controlled every ounce of my being. I wanted to go out without you but I wasn't allowed. I missed so much because of you and I thought that was normal. I was no longer an individual but rather someone who's life was dictated by someone else's opinions. You told me what was right and wrong. Silly me.

Silly me for believing what you said about my body. I was perfectly content before you came along. But yet there I was, attempting to lose weight and wear more makeup because you told me to. I became a new person around you - one that I didn't like. But I did it anyway, for you. Silly me.

Silly me for thinking I was the only one. I believed the lies that come flowing out of your mouth as if they had been rehearsed for days. You conditioned your eyes to innocence - and I believed them without a doubt. Silly me.

Silly me for not picking up on the signs. Your lies had been inconspicuously drilled into my head. I couldn't even think straight. You had me overcome with emotion to the point where I ignored the hints: the texts with other girls, the lies, the rumors. It all went unnoticed. Silly me.

Silly me for giving you the time of day after I found out what you did. I had always heard of people being cheated on but I never thought that it would've happened to me. Yet, there I was trying to justify why it was okay for you to cheat on me 20+ times. You had me questioning what did wrong to make you not want me. You made me question myself and who I was. Silly me.

And silly me for not knowing my worth earlier on. You stole my happiness, you stole my confidence, you stole my voice, you stole my trust - things I will never be able to fully regain ever again.

I still think about it from time to time, and when I do - I hate myself for ever letting you have that control over me. I truly wish I would've never met you because my life would have been so much better off without you.

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To The Guy Who Chooses To Love Me Next

I can't wait to start writing the story of our love.


Whoever you are, wherever you are, I can't wait to meet you. There are a few things you should know about me before we endeavor into our story.

I can't guarantee to always be happy. . . but I can guarantee that I'll always try to make you happy. I'll fuss, I'll cry, I'll whine. I won't always show you the best me. There are going to be ugly moments, hard moments. But in those moments is when I'll really need you the most. I won't always have a smile on my face, but knowing you have one on yours will always bring one to mine.

You have to love my best friends as much as I love them. They mean everything to me. They're my support system, they're my second family. You having a good relationship with each one of my girls will fill my heart with nothing but joy. I want them to be able to hang out, and not feel like they're "third wheeling". Compliment them, help them, grow a relationship with them. I promise - they're all amazing and you're going to love them just as much as I do.

I will cry. . . a lot. If you've made it this far, you already probably know this. It's the way I cope with things big and small. I don't need you to hug me each time a tear rolls down my face, make me laugh instead. Tell me it's going to be okay, because it usually always will be.

Our relationship will always be an adventure. I want us to have stories to tell. I want us to go out into the world and find our limits but only to break them, together. I don't want to spend my life in a zone of comfort, and I hope you don't either. Even past the honeymoon stage, I hope our energies remain high and you're always ready for what's next.

I will not depend on you, and I hope you won't depend on me either. You are your own person too, and often times I feel as if this generation is so engrossed with the idea and thought of love that they forget that love doesn't mean you have to depend on someone. I won't depend on you. I am my own person, and I fully encourage you to be your own person too.

In the end, I hope we can teach each other a lot. There is nothing more attractive than intelligence. I want deep conversations. About anything! Teach me things I didn't know. Show me things I don't see often. Take me places I've never been to before. I want to learn, and I hope that our relationship always gives us an opportunity to grow as individuals and together.

I pray that you have many blessings in your life. No matter where you are. I pray for your heart. If there's anything in the past causing you pain, I pray that you'll heal. Then when that's done, I pray that God prepares your heart for me, but I pray that you learn to love yourself before you can love me. And when you're ready, I pray that you get sent my way.

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