Can Free Antivirus Really Help Protect My Computer and Phone
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Can Free Antivirus Really Help Protect My Computer and Phone

How Free Antivirus Really Help Protect My Computer and Phone

Can Free Antivirus Really Help Protect My Computer and Phone

To ensure the best online security for a device from ranssomware attacks people try to protect their computers and phones in best way by antivirus softwares. It would not be wrong to say that anti-virus softwares are making a big trend in the market nowadays. There are various such softwares available currently which claims to be the best antivirus software in order to protect a device from malware attacks. Some of them are giving free protection to the computer and such other devices while others are paid as well. Here we will try to figure out whether one should rely on free antivirus softwares for complete protection against malware attacks or go forth with paid antivirus softwares.

What are Antivirus Softwares and why people pay for their premium versions?

Antiviruses as the name speaks for it are sort of softwares used for managing the online security of a computer or phone from hackers and ranssomware attacks effectively. Owing to their effectiveness to control the data theft they are very popular amongst the people in modern era. People are purchasing for the best versions of these antivirus softwares so that they can freely access to wifi connections, various websites while browsing through internet and in many other things as well.

Why it is essential to install antivirus software in Computer and Phone?

It is not a debatable thing to say that antivirus softwares are must in order to keep your online data secure from different virus attacks that can encrypt your data. In this modern world of technology where everything is going digital from your bank account credentials to secret company data everything can be hacked in a snap of finger if your system is not secured by antivirus software. That is why it is the necessity of time to have a good anti ranssomware software installed all the time in your digital device. Those who go with casual approach for their online security have to face troubles with the online data thefts. So in a nutshell it is very crucial to have quality antivirus software in your PC or phone.

How Free Antivirus Software differs from the Paid one?

There are basically two types of antivirus softwares that you can install in your device for protecting your online data that is free and paid one. Both types of softwares are developed for the people where free antivirus softwares gives you a sort of primary protection whereas paid one are providing advance level of security for a digital device like PC and phone. For example when you are opting for free antivirus software in your PC then you will not get wireless protection, to protect from every unauthentic click, preventing hackers from attacking your personal data and passwords, blocking suspicious sites etc. On the other hand a free antivirus can give you a basic protection which might not be able to give you confident to click anywhere while browsing through your device.

Should we go for paid or free Antivirus Software to protect our system from Malware attacks?

Many of us keep on tingling between whether to switch for premium antivirus software or just carry out with the free version of the same antivirus software. Well, it is a never ending debate as few people are of the view that they are not running a firm or their online data is not that much essential for them, even if it gets hacked by the hackers. On the contrary there are people who have the ideology that they cannot afford to take the risk of losing their internet banking passwords, company documents and such things on the hand of hackers as they can misuse them against the firm. That is why it is good to invest a little money in subscribing for the paid version of these antivirus softwares.

Which is the best Antivirus Software for Computer and Phone?

Today market is flooded with dozens of antivirus softwares which can be installed for online security by people. For example, MacAfee Antivirus software, Norton antivirus software, Avast Antivirus software, Kaspersky antivirus software are there and many others in the list as well. It is very difficult to suggest the best out of them as all of them are best in themselves when it comes to their paid version. You can blindly trust any of the reputed Antivirus software to protect your PC or phone from any sort of risk for your security. You can also compare the prices and features of different antivirus softwares so that you can select the best out of best software for malware protection.

Can we rely on Free Antivirus Software completely to protect our PC?

Free Antivirus softwares like said before gives you protection against the hackers from hacking your PC and phones. But at the same time the free versions of these softwares are not that much effective to protect your system completely from the hackers. In other words they gives a poor security to your PC which is not sufficient for companies and business firms which cannot afford to lose their data on the hands of enemies or business rivals. Providing poor security to your business PC should not be entertained as it could be harmful in longer run for your business security. Those who are using antivirus software for general purpose should also go for the premium version in order to maintain good security for the device from suspicious attacks.

So these are few basic facts and points that must be kept in mind while ensuring your online security through antivirus softwares. In order to save handful of money one should not compromise with the quality of security given to your data by the antivirus softwares. The upgraded versions are paid but far better than the free versions of the antivirus softwares. It depends upon you whether you are more bothered about money or your security when it comes to protecting your PC from malicious viruses' attacks.

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