NFL Eagles: Defending the title will be a challenge

NFL Eagles: Defending the title will be a challenge

Next Super Bowl is getting closer


Magical LII Super Bowl is well behind Philadelphia Eagles and now is the time to think about back-to-back. Eagles franchise and people of Philadelphia waited for 57 years to win their first championship and hopes can't be higher as the next LIII Super Bowl is getting closer. Everybody in the team is amazed by their success and they're not hiding it. Rodney McLeod said that he's happy everybody is coming after them. He added that their win "forces everyone to elevate their game and we've got the men to do it. That's the type of guys we have on this team. I'm glad to be in this seat. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."

The whole team is aware that becoming the first NFC team that went back-to-back in 25 years will be hard since everybody will try to hunt them down. This fact doesn't bother Eagles too much since they're using the preseason to prepare for numerous challenges that are in front of them. Brandon Graham is convinced that everybody is gunning for them, but he's sure they'll have a lot of trouble taking the title from Philly. He pointed out that Eagles won't take anybody lightly, even if the opposing team is not at their best. This mindset will hopefully help the Eagles to get over every obstacle on the way to the top. They will be everybody's Super Bowl this year and very difficult challenges are in front of them.

Nick Foles said that "It doesn't happen often where a team can go back to back and repeat and that's a challenge in itself." He also reminds fans that last year's success won't help the team to win future games and possibly the championship. That's the thing they've been preaching in hope to create a motivation for the next game and forgetting the last one.

All this motivation and positive thoughts won't be enough if the team is not really believing in success, and first proofs of their dedication will be visible in September once the meaningful football begins. Real fans who are not in a position to be at the stadium, will be able to support their favorite team by watching the Eagles game online. Either way, fandom will be able to see how serious Eagles are when it comes to winning a consecutive championship title.

It is very important that the team stays resistant to negative critique and learn from their mistakes. A lot of people is talking about Super Bowl hangover and that Eagles can fall victim to it. There's no place for fear if your goal is becoming a legend. Guys at Eagles are well aware of that and they'll do everything they know to make people of Philadelphia proud and happy once again.

There were eight teams that repeated in the Super Bowl, and it looks like Philadelphia Eagles are ready to get on the list and ensure a place in history with legendary teams such as Patriots, Broncos, Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers (twice), Dolphins and 66-67 Packers.

Image attribution: Kevin Burkett through CC BY-SA 4.0

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An Open Letter To My College Freshman Roommate

Be sure to send this to your college freshmen roommate if you love them as much as I love mine!


Dear College Freshmen Roommate,

To be honest, my first impression of you was a quiet, shy private catholic school girl. (Wow, this couldn't have been the farthest thing from the truth)! I remember walking behind you and your boyfriend on the way to the bars on our very first night of Summer B. I kept thinking how much you didn't like me because you didn't say hi to me. Little did I know, after admitting to each other our unfortunate first impressions of each other years later, you were just being cognizant of me because you thought I was a real-life version of Regina George from Mean Girls. It turns out you weren't the shy, private school girl I thought you were and I definitely wasn't as cool as Regina George after all.

Lexi Garber

It didn't take much time for us to become best friends. You had me at "So, do you know what a mountain melt is from Ale House?" After this day, I knew we were going to be lifelong friends and celebrate our passion for carbs, fast food, and sugar together. You make friendship seem so easy. You're always down to study whenever, leave the library whenever, and most importantly, get Chick-Fil-A no matter what our budget is or how broke we are. You always pick up the phone and support all the bad decisions I make. You ALWAYS figure out all my Wordscape puzzles for me and support my real life Candy Crush addiction.

Lexi Garber

I realize that you give me a slice of home when my mom doesn't answer the phone. I love that we always get to talk about our high school memories together because every story is a new and exciting one for both of us. Sometimes I'm happy we met in college because we would have caused way too much trouble in high school together. Besides, I get to hear about how much of an awesome volleyball player you were and I tell you about crazy my lacrosse years. Although, I will say how much it sucks when we go home for summer and winter break because I do get major separation anxiety!

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Lexi Garber

Forever and Always,

your college freshmen roommate

Lexi Garber

Lexi Garber

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How to Cope With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety is something we all experience from time to time. Every now and then there is a stressful situation causing us to feel worry and restlessness. The only problem is, people suffering from anxiety only know the feeling too well since it has become too frequent in their lives, and it can amount to a panic attack. Even worse, anxiety often leads to depression, and it is extremely difficult to deal with these conditions. However, it is not impossible. Here is what you need to implement if you begin to feel/are feeling anxious or depressed, and you have started to notice the unpleasant emotions are appearing more and more often.

Develop a habit

While there is a plethora of tips about what needs to be done when you have an anxiety attack, the tricks often don't seem to work. Why? Because you haven't created a habit of calming yourself down in that way. If you wish for any strategy to work, you have to train your body and your mind into accepting it. The more you practice, the quicker the peace and relaxation come.

Decide on a technique and start applying it. You can choose deep breathing, meditation, taking yoga or tai chi lessons – whichever appeals to you and suits your current situation. Even going to a spa center is a strategy. The point is to dedicate enough of your precious time to your health, and to do it regularly.

Get healthy

Some of the disorders can be inherited, but we are definitely stronger and less prone to them if we keep ourselves in good shape. It's only too easy to become anxious or feel down if you are physically and mentally exhausted.

For this reason, take good care of your body. Eat healthily and regularly. Opt for foods that will keep you full for longer, and avoid immediate sugar boosters, which cause a sudden energy drop afterwards. Make sure you get enough sleep every single night, and do exercise regularly.

Use natural remedies

Along with changing your diet, try to use natural remedies which have long been known for their calming effects: Chamomile, Rhodiola, Valerian root, Lavender, saffron…Recent research has shown that using the best CBD oil for anxiety is extremely recommendable, too, but you should always consult your doctor first.

Spend time with friends and family

As a species, we are social beings, and you have to embrace this fact. In short, it means that we are in need of each other's company, and we feel bad if we don't spend enough quality time with our loved ones. Always make some time for a friendly chat, as this should help you feel better.

Go to parks

Or any other area with plenty of greenery. You don't have to be a fan of camping so as to feel the benefits of spending some time in nature. Like it or not, but nature has a calming effect on our minds and bodies, so dedicate some time to going for a walk in the nearby park or a forest, but stay safe.

Change your focus

This is another technique that needs practicing, and it's not just about changing what you are thinking about. You have to train yourself to change the emotions the moment you start thinking about something nice and pleasant.

Get professional help

Most importantly, do not delay seeking professional advice if you notice any of the symptoms. Anxiety and depression are health issues, and you should treat them as such. If you had high temperature, for example, you would visit a doctor. It is the same way with mental health – don't neglect the symptoms.

To sum up, ask yourself one question: are you really doing everything in your power to overcome the conditions? Start applying the advice we have compiled for you, and the results should start showing after a while.

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