You guessed it, I was a camp kid. Now, there are so many stereotypes of different camp kids, and I probably fit at least one of the stereotypes. I don't even remember how I started going to Camp Lone Star, but I remember my mother sending me there for a weekend in hopes that I would like it, and after that, I never wanted to be anywhere else.

Camp Lone Star is not known for its facilities. It is nowhere near a resort, and the buildings don't have any fancy amenities. So, in case you're wondering, I didn't disappear for 1-2 weeks at a time and end up in a spa. But do you know where I ended up? In a place that was 100% focused on Jesus. For example, songs for prayers, song time EVERY MORNING, morning devos, evening devos, and worship always. There isn't a better place on earth.

Also, let's talk about the Bible Studies for a hot minute. Those things dug DEEP into me. I mean, I have poured more of my heart out at that camp than I have anywhere else. I have gained SO much knowledge and still carry the things that were taught to me. I have so much love for every counselor that has ever taken the time to invest in my soul. I have so much gratitude towards one special counselor (Natalie) who put up with me for four whole years. And those were some rough years. It seemed like every single year, I came back to her with an entirely new set of problems to work through, and we did. Oh boy, did we ever. Sometimes I still to this day have to step back and ask myself "What would Natalie do?"

With the beauty of camp came the amazing blessing it was to go there with my best friends (pictured above). Also, I have met some of my very best friends through camp too. Clara, Chrislyn, Sam, and Matt... just to name a few who are with me here at Texas A&M. Because we spent the entire week or two forming and developing these friendships centered around Jesus, they have been the ones in my life that have been some of the most significant. Granted, all of the people and friends in my life are super amazing and significant- so if you're reading this and didn't go to Camp Lone Star, don't worry!

I spent the best years of my life in this community, and I'm so excited for my friends who get to go back now and be the counselors. I'm unable to because of summer classes, but it fills my heart knowing that some of the best people are going back and serving kiddos who might be just like I was. Sometimes it takes 4 years to finally get it, and that's okay. Jesus doesn't have an expiration date.

So thank you, Camp Lone Star, for the best eight years of my life.

Here's to new adventures, opportunities, and growth!