Nothing is more exciting than summer camp. My childhood consisted of me going to school and immediately looking forward to the next summer, all because I got to go to an awesome summer camp.

I started going there when I was five, and I finished my time when I was 13, "graduating" from my home five minutes away from home. Every mid-August involved a lot of tears; there were some good times that simply won't get erased.

When I was a camper, I repeatedly said to my counselors that I wanted to be just like them. I thought the counselors were cool because they respected all the kids, and they were funny. They were nice but also firm with their rules. They liked to have fun, but they also kept it in mind that this was also a job.

"That'll be me," 13-year-old me said.

And for once, I was right.

This is my fourth summer being a summer camp counselor to the same camp I attended as a child, and I don't regret it. Not one bit. I'm so lucky to make more memories in this awesome place.

The stars aligned and it was meant to be for me to get this job. It's not a job just for a paycheck. It's a job that I actually want to do, for something else I want to do with my life.

The kids make it all worthwhile. I look forward to waking up because of them, and I look forward to the start time because I know my day will consist of many laughs.

Each day is themed with great crafts, games, and fun! We go on very cool field trips, too. All of this brings me back to when I was the kids' age. I still think it's fun to go on my favorite water slide at the best water park ever because that's where we went when I was a kid, too!

Of course, there will be some setbacks and frustration, but it's never permanent. We always make everything enjoyable and professional, and everybody leaves with a smile on their face.

Also, working with a bunch of kindhearted people makes everything even better. The day goes smoother with them, and we got one another's backs. Communication is never a problem, and we step up when help is needed, even if it isn't expected from us.

These are the quick days and the longer moments I'll look back on forever, and I sure will miss it... if that time comes.

There are a lot of things I could be in my life. I know, one day, I'll be some type of teacher or professor, and I'll be a wife and a mother. But one of the best things I'll ever be is a summer camp counselor.