Camila Cabello, ex-member of the girl group Fifth Harmony and current "Havana" superstar, finally gave what her fans have been wanting for a long time: a peek into her new album.

Following her exit from Fifth Harmony in 2016, Cabello released what would become a smash hit, "Havana," in 2017. Following the release, she went on to release her debut album in 2018, self-titled "Camila." The album featured several hits, including the well-known "Never Be The Same." After that, Camila took a long break, saying she was working on her new album. Fans were becoming restless. Some were even beginning to wonder if they should leave the fandom. Finally, just this week, Cabello and her team have released several teasers into the new album, titled "Romance."

"A museum of loves and the stories they left behind. Welcome to the world of Romance."

Oh, I am READY for this one.

Cabello has faced some controversy in the past. Rumors have floated around about her intentions when she left Fifth Harmony. When the band broke up completely, the fandoms began to compete with each other. Especially recently, with other Fifth Harmony ex-member Normani Kordei dropping "Motivation" a few weeks before Cabello released teasers for her album. Although it appears that the former bandmates have no bad blood, the fandoms turned it into a competition. Rumors were spread that Cabello had said some bad things about Kordei in the past.

Cabello has been in the spotlight lately because of her collaboration with heartthrob pop sensation Shawn Mendes. Not only has their single "Señorita" been climbing the charts, but it also has sparked a romance between the pair. Although there has been some speculation that the pair are faking their relationship in order to help their single climb the charts, it seems to me like they're enjoying themselves.

Both Kordei and Cabello performed on last week's VMAs, and the fandoms were at war. Many argued over whose performance was better.

It is interesting to see how vicious the music industry can be and how easily fandoms can spread rumors so quickly on Twitter. As Cabello prepares to drop her new music, I am hopeful that the fans can learn to support one another. After all, it's all about the music, which is meant to be enjoyed.

The latest teaser hinted at the release of the new music. "You are cordially invited to experience the first installment on September 5, 2019. Truly surrender to the drama." I, like many others, am excited to dive into the world of "Romance."