If you haven’t heard about Odyssey, allow me to do the pleasure: Odyssey is a social media platform with an editorial backbone that allows millennials from communities all over the country to create content in a way that lets them share their voices, perspectives and creative visions with their peers — and on a national platform.

Odyssey attracts 30 million unique viewers a month, and that number is only on the rise.

The best part? SUNY Old Westbury already has a thriving Odyssey community, and we are currently seeking anyone who considers themselves to be a writer, video creator, or simply a creative, social media influencer to become a content creator for our community. There is no particular tone to our community, and would love to see what stories YOU think need to be told but aren't.

Creators are expected to write one article to meet our deadline. Don't have time to write an article one week, but want to write two the week before? No problem! On muse (that's the system we use) we have the freedom to schedule articles a week or even two weeks in advance before they go live. Also, extensions are always granted, communication is key.

Want to write a full-fledged, heavy-hitting article on the upcoming election? You can do that here. Or maybe you just want to write a list about why you think your patronus is a Golden Retriever or why you think true love can’t be found on Tinder — all things you can create on this platform as well. Same goes for fiction and poetry. The only things that can’t be explored is anything that’s plagiarized, sexist, racist, or obscenely offensive. Past that, this is a creative playground.

If you are interested in becoming a content creator for SUNY request an invite right here: https://muse.theodysseyonline.com/apply