Calling Upon An Enlightened Deep State

Calling Upon An Enlightened Deep State

The US Deep State's Obsession With The Russian Boogeyman Will Risk Civil War, World War, and Human Extinction If They Fail To Defend All The Peoples Of The United States From The White Nationalist/Supremacist Threat To National Security.

It must be stated that the following is not a dismissal or rejection of the idea that Russian involvement might have been involved in the 2016 election cycle. Any actions taken by the Russian state should be considered blowback from our own policies; not hostile aggression. The responsibility for the outcome of the election is largely due to domestic accountability, or lack there of. As it has been pointed out on numerous occasions by many individuals of influence such as Senator Bernie Sanders "Republicans did not win, Democrats lost". With this in mind, we must recognize that the perception of a Russian boogeyman is artificially being used to distract against the hostile elements that have taken positions of power in the nation through illegitimate means.

Steve Bannon declared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2017 that the function of the Trump administration is the "deconstruction of the administrative system". This is a direct threat to the security of persons on a level not seen in our history. Entire governmental branches and agencies responsible for the well-being of our entire citizenry is being destroyed with the human toll yet to be realized. The month since Trump's election has destabilized the US from its position as a global leader, and it is rapidly destabilizing as a competent functioning government. Bannon continued his declaration by stating that he and his allies were at war and had to fight every day. This war is a psychological delusion that is being waged against the peoples of the United States, not a hostile element internal or external to the United States. The inherent nature of the multicultural nation of the Union of States that came together to form a collective federal government is the enemy of Bannon and his allies; who have repeatedly proven to have strong ties with white nationalist/supremacist philosophies. These forces in one form or another, since the day of the birth of the United States, has weaken the integrity of the federal government. This hostile takeover of the federal government by these antithetical mentalities of racial supremacy now threaten not only civil war but world war and global extinction. Their beliefs are not based in reality and actively threaten our species with suicidal destruction, whether by rejecting climate change or destroying safety regulations like preventing industrial toxins being dumped in our nation's water and ecosystems.Their beliefs also relies on employing the Madman theory when dealing with foreign powers; and invoking an increasingly militaristic foreign policy based on unilateral decisions.

The Deep State has to make some serious decisions, it can either cease the asininity of trying to draw a conflict with the Russian boogyman and aid the citizens in their plight towards securing constitutional rights and the rights of life, liberty, and happiness. Or it can continue its apathetical push towards a Russian-US conflict, destroying the essence of the United States in the process through its ignorance and unwillingness to recognize the situation fully. The choice is not simply with the leaderships of the institutions that make up the Deep State; but with the every day working people who make those institutions function and who uphold the codes of conduct and ethics required for institutional responsibility and competency in a functioning civilization. Time will tell whether or not they wise up and aid the peoples of the United States, or let Rome burn for the sake of their own power play. The choice remains in their hands.

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Mass Shootings And Masculinity Go Hand In Hand

What we're not talking about.

Nineteen mass shootings. Nineteen mass shootings have happened since January 2018 and we’re only in the middle of February. This past shooting at Parkland high school really hit me hard. As I saw the victims of the shooting they reminded me of the kids that I went to high school with. One of the victims was apart of her high school’s color guard and I thought about how much I loved guard when I was in high school. I connected with her.

I saw the videos posted on Snapchat of what the students actually experienced and shed tears with my hand covering my mouth from shock. I saw how insanely graphic the scene was and how being there physically can traumatize one for the rest of their life. No one should have to go through this.

The debates on tv include those of gun control and mental health. On social media, different countries are being thrown around as examples for both stricter gun control, and the allowance for more guns. I also see how the shooter was seen as “mentally ill”, and the stigmatization of those who have mental health issues are dangerous is furthered. The one issue that no one is talking about that plays a huge role in these mass shootings in masculinity.

A large majority of these shooters are white men. While these shootings are also a racial issue I’m going to focus on the gender issue. From a young age, men are exposed to what society deems as masculine. Media hypermasculinized everything to the point where it’s ridiculous. Don’t believe me? Look up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and see how ridiculously buff they are. They’re cartoon turtles, yet the societal standard of masculinity applies to them.

Even when it comes to toys the commercials for nerf and water guns show only males. Showing that guns are masculine. Young boys are raised to engage in masculine activities or they’re isolated socially and emotionally. Even when young men are engaging in “masculine” activities they still may not be good enough. Getting angry, being the bad boy, having a temper are seen as “cool” traits that males desire to have in order to give themselves an edge.

Now most young boys go through this, and masculinity is not the main factor in mass shootings but it is still a factor. It is a factor that we need to consider because eliminating any factor that helps to produce a mass shooter can help save lives.

Cover Image Credit: Brooke Cagle

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Analyzing The Situation In South Africa

South Africa is in a tenuous position after President Jacob Zuma resigns from office.

Countries across the world were surprised this Valentine’s Day by sudden news out of South Africa. President Jacob Zuma, also head of his own party, the African National Congress, resigned after being mired in a corruption scandal for weeks.

As a politician, Zuma has been no stranger to controversy, having earned for himself the nickname, “The Teflon President,” due to his ability to dodge backlash from multiple scandals throughout his presidency. Why then, did he feel the need to resign?

Zuma faced pressure from the members of the ANC, calling for him to step down after numerous scandals continued to destroy the credibility of the party and undermine support. Some of the scandals include Zuma’s refusal to repay millions in public funds that were spent on refurbishing his lavish homestead. He has also faced criticism and scrutiny in the decades since a controversial arms deal back in the 1990s.

Opposition party leader and longtime critic of Zuma, Mmusi Maimane, stated his relief at the President’s resignation, saying that Zuma has long been, “…a one-man wrecking ball to our economy, our country.”

Maimane also stated his party’s intent to put forward a candidate shortly to oppose acting president Cyril Ramaphosa, who Maimane’s Democratic Alliance views as an unworthy and incorrect choice to lead South Africa.

South Africa’s future is altogether uncertain and the situation has likely confused many countries around the world, leaving them unsure as to what the outcome will be. Only time will tell and the country is sure to struggle with its leadership in the coming weeks.

It will be up to the citizens of South Africa to remain calm, focused, and secure in their beliefs during the current situation.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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