Calling All The Unmotivated

Motivation is something I've been lacking lately.

It's that time of year again. Where papers are piling up, projects are nearing there end and all I want to do is binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix. The desire to finish strong is there, but the motivation to actually finish the race has vanished.

It happens around this time, each and every year. The leaves fall and the air turns brisk, and all I want to do is hibernate. I can't be the only one, right? There has to be other people struggling to get their work down.

Okay, there are definitely others struggling to finish the race to Christmas break. In fact, one of my roommates is sitting next to me, watching yet another episode of Glee, even though she said she was working on her studio project. So, don't feel bad. I lack motivation, you lack motivation, she lacks motivation, we all lack motivation. We are a crowd of unmotivated people.

But, don't loose heart. You have almost made it. You've turned the corner and it's just a straight away from here. I don't know what else to tell myself, and what to tell others who lack motivation. The only thing I would say is, 'dig down deep, find the strength and finish with your best foot forward.' Don't just phone it in, but rather, do your best always.

If that's not enough, just remember that Christmas break will be here before you know it! Soon you'll be binge watching Christmas movies and sipping hot chocolate, and you can be as unmotivated as your heart desires.


[Sorry this article is short, I've really been lacking MOTIVATION lately...]

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