5 Reasons To Say Adios To The Pity Party

Ok, here's the deal, I don't know about you but I have caught myself in the midst of a pity party far too many times.

Don't get me wrong, I do personally believe that there is a time to be sad and a time to rejoice. However, when life keeps on knocking you down and telling you things that are lies such as the following: "You can't and won't succeed", "Stop trying", "You have never been enough", or "You aren't loved", it is time to GET OUT OF THE SLUMP.

My friend, these are LIES.

If you keep telling yourself you will "NEVER accomplish anything in your life" then you start to believe it.

Stop fueling the fire that says you aren't loved. Extinguish that thing because it is time that it stops controlling your life.

1. This is ALL very temporary.


Look, I know I don't know exactly what is causing this little pity party, but may I please remind you that it is OH SO TEMPORARY. Don't get trapped into thinking you are stuck like this forever, you can and will get through it.

2. There are some things out there to do, so do them.


Remind yourself that you are capable of doing things (Because you can). Whether this means writing a little, drawing a picture, singing a song, heading to a coffee shop, starting that business you have been dreaming of starting, reading that book sitting on your desk, leaving the house for the first time in forever (que Frozen music, sorry people), going on a walk, running a marathon, doing an in home workout, listening to a song, OK I think you get the point, if you are capable of doing something (ANYTHING), DO IT.

3. You can make decisions and get out of the slump.


I don't know about you but when I am in a pity party, I sit around and struggle with every little decision that comes my way. This seems like the tiniest thing, but making choices in life is something we WILL always have to do. Making a decision and being confident in it without overthinking it 75 times is something that will remind you that you CAN make the bigger decisions when they come as well. Make a choice and stick with it, are you going to text the guy first? Yes or no. Are you going to eat the donut? Yes or no (This answer is ALWAYS a yes in my book).

4. Confidence is NOT something that is too far out of reach.


Holy moly, I can't even tell you the amount of times that I have continued to tell myself that I am "just someone with lower self esteem" or that "I am just not one of those super confident girls",

OK THIS IS NOT THE CASE, for any of us.

Yes, it might be hard to develop a sense of confidence, but my friend, your confidence is NOT based on what this world says about you. In order to actually believe the things that ARE true and that you are actually loved, you have GOT to stop lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself that you just weren't made to be "one of those girls" because that is NOT how this whole life thing works. Confidence isn't something that is only given out in certain doses.

I could write a novel about this subject, but for now, we will leave it at this so that you don't fall asleep reading.

Keep in mind that this world is GOING to tell you things that are LIES.

Focus on what you know to be true and stop buying that lie that tells you that you aren't loved.


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